To the Citizens of Columbus:

Now is the time: Let'ís show the youth of our city we are behind the them.There will be a public meeting in the next few days regarding status of Cecil Kline Stadium. Our football stadium has served its purpose and now it's time for change.

For safety sake something is going to have to happen. I'm urging you to get behind our kids and how them we want them to stay in Columbus. Do we want our taxes raised? No not really but what are our choices?

USD 493 is a school district to be proud of. Let's keep it that way. The state can only help so muchtherefore it's up to us. We can make this happen. Let's take care ofour schools for our children aren't they worth it? I for one think so.

I want my Grandchildren to have the best education possible and it canbe done right here but they need our help..

Melanie Deckard