Well, we almost made it through the year without any major breakdowns.


The first part of the month the heating and air-conditioning unit to the museum quit.

We are very thankful that we could switch in the emergency heat unit until this unit can be repaired or replaced.

This December was different than last year as there was very little ice.

The visitors are still very few but we do expect that to change in the next few months.

The celebration tree was adorned with hand crafted angels. The visitors’ city and state could be found on a bright yellow star. The tree was very attractive with the different colors on it. We do welcome others to help decorate the tree.

Visiters Report

Total visitors 4, men visitors 1, women visitors 3, boy visitors 0, girls visitors 0. Visitors from Cherokee County 2, State of Kansas 1, USA 1.

Donations: Juanita Short-CheCouKan yearbooks 1934, 1935, 1936, and 1938.

Volunteer workers hours approximately three.