What do Sam Brownback, Johnny Carson, Martina McBride, Roy Rodgers, Orville Redenbacher and Nancy Grace have in common?  They were all 4-H members. . . and who knows just what our 4-H members of today will become.

On Saturday, February 21, Cherokee County 4-H members put their presentation skills to work as they shared talks and demonstrations which were evaluated by Betha Elliott and Kayleigh Williams.  Talks could range from 7-15 minutes and demonstrations from 10-15 minutes and all those in attendance at the 4-H Building learned some new things.

Bobbi Ann Shanks received a purple on her senior talk on Photography. In the intermediate division, Jacob Wyckoff's talk on the Northern Cardinal received a purple and Amber Helwig's on Talking Trash (about trash decomposition) a blue.

In Junior Talks, Kaylee Gum received a purple sharing about her Australian Shepherd while the top blue went to Kindall Henning who told about Peregrine Falcons. Tyler Gum received a blue for his talk on Spreading Manure and Dylan Helwig a red for his Tool Time talk on hammers.

Meringue Cookies was the topic for Eric Underwood's junior demonstration and Making a Simple Circuit (electricity) was Joshua Wyckoff's theme, both boys received purple ribbons.

Which came first - the chicken or the egg? For Phillip Underwood's demonstration in the intermediate division, it was the chicken. Marty Shanks showed how to Clean a Shotgun. Both boys received purple ribbons.     

Skyler Henderson received a blue for her demonstration on making Party Pizzas and Heather Eckhardt a red on her chocolate cookie demonstration.

The top two in each age division and category are now eligible to represent Cherokee County at Multi-County 4-H Days in Pittsburg on March 21 along with 4-H members from Crawford, Neosho, Labette and Montgomery Counties.