Electa Ruth Hale

In everyday newscasts different terminology about our American government is used today. President Obama said before he became sworn in as President: “In a matter of five days we will be transforming the government of the United States of America”. And he is in the process of doing that as we speak.

I hope the definitions below will help you decide if you like this ‘change’ or not. All but one of these short definitions are from Descriptionary, A Thematic Dictionary (the book for when you know what it is, but not what it’s called) by Marc McCutcheon. It is written for a writer’s library. What do my readers think is happening? See if you can match our present form of government to it’s new change.

Aristocracy: a governing body composed of people born of upper-class parentage, with power handed down from generation to generation.

Collective: any operation or governing system controlled by all the workers involved. Socialism is a social system based on collectivism.

Communism: a single-party ruling system in which the government restricts property and controls the economic production and distribution of goods and services, which are equally shared among the people.

Democracy: a government  run for and by the people through the power of their votes.

Fascism: a form of government headed by a dictator, and often characterized by racist attitudes, an aggressive use of military and police forces, and a strong suppression of any socialist or democratic opposition.

Marxism: The theory of Karl Marx that seeks the elimination of the notion of private property in order to gain control of the economic “means of production” by taking it from the wealthy class for the benefit of the working class. His goal was to bring about a  perfect, classless, utopian society he called Communism. ( This definition was gathered from several online sources, trying to keep it short! Sorry, I failed.)

Oligarchy: government by a small group of people, or a family group of people.

Puppet Government: a false government installed and controlled by another.

Republic: any nation headed by a president of representatives elected to their offices by citizens.

Theocracy: a governing body headed by religious leaders.

Totalitarianism: a system of absolute control by a single group, party, or dictator.

Tyranny: an oppressive system in which one person is given absolute power.

Welfare State: a system in which the state takes responsibility for citizen education, employment, health care, and retirement needs.

President Obama has promised to:

1. Regulate salaries and bonuses of private businesses

2. Redistribute the private wealth in America. Will this soon include property? Or is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac already doing that?

3. Guarantee health insurance for all by the inclusion of a Government Funded Plan that will compete with private companies to lower the costs.

4. Guarantee illegal aliens health care.

6. Establish a civilian force through organizations like Americore who will be just as powerful, just as strong, and just as well funded as the present military. Rob Emanuel has spoken to the press saying each person between the age of 18-24 will attend 3 months of basic training. Those who have college loans will have them paid off with ten years of service to Americor (There are over 300 different names for these organizations beginning with ACORN.)

We now have 36 czars, maybe 41? (at the latest count there are only 24 listed in Wikipedia) All of the czars are appointed by the President, while many do not have to report to Congress at all, only to the President.

Some have expressed their worry that should America be bankrupted and collapse because of the increased spending and borrowing, these czars could be a shadow government. In reality, our President has a czar over almost every part of our economy. The transformation would take place in a manner similar to when Russia transformed. Is this food for thought or nonsense? You must care enough to study and decide.

Where do we stand? Study the Constitution, checks and balances were written into it to assure power would be divided. Pocket books of the Constitution are available online, one free to each family.

The first time I sat down to scan through this little book, I saw how far we have been led from it by our progressive politicians (both parties). This will give you the opportunity to decide for yourself how these ‘new’ ideas in our public school textbooks have led our children away from the original Constitution and its checks and balances.

Awake American, your country needs you to become involved.