Editorís Note: The following is a season opening letter from the Columbus Golf Club to the community.

Spring is here which means golf season is upon us.

There is a lot of excitement about the Columbus Country Club. The Board of Directors has been busy planning and working to make this the best year ever!

If you think you might be interested in taking up the sport be sure to contact one of the board club members and we will be glad to take you out for a fun time of learning.

We are also welcoming children under the age of 14 9through middle school) to come out and see if they might like to play golf. We will have some bags and clubs left at the club house that can be borrowed while making a round. The kids need to expect to learn golf etiquette from any adult who is on the course.

Our personnel committee Todd Hale, Nick Lucien and Robbie Carpino are in the process of hiring someone to work inside 10 a.m. until dark and others to mow and greens keep.

Ladies Golf will be out on the course Tuesdays at 9 a.m.† or 6 p.m. and would welcome anyone interested to spend some time with us. Call any one of these Executive Board membersfor more information. President Karlene Hamilton 479-6102; vice president Kelly Carpino 429-2894; secretary Fran Bowlware 429-2624 or treasurer Regina Jameson 674-3006. Any of them would be happy to hear from you.

We will have a bulletin board up in the club house with upcoming events posted lie the Green and Grow Golf three person scramble to be held on Sunday, April 4 at 12:30.

For answers to questions contact: President Mike Carpino 429-2200; vice president Steve Kresyman 674-3397; Secretary Toni Spieth 429-1556; Treasurer Robbie Carpino 429-2200; Menís League-Todd Hale 420-2041; Greenís Superintendent Nick Lucian 762-6060; Jeff Hess 429-3294 or Larry Ketcher 674-8823.††