GREENSBURG–Citing the need for kids to be with their peers and have an outlet for creativity, Twilight Players theater group director Janet West went ahead with abbreviated plans for a kids theater workshop this summer in Greensburg, and her efforts were met with resounding appreciation and success.

"There are lots of studies that say kids in theatre and fine arts kinds of programs develop poise and maturity," said West.

She went on to say that, especially this year with interruption of COVID-19, kids needed to understand how to be safe and to live without fear.

She said a big factor in proceeding with the workshop and production of Peter Pan was to provide kids structure and a safe place to be normal and play with their friends, with kids their own age.

The Twilight Players is a community theatre program that is a part of the Twilight Theatre and Community Auditorium, put on a workshop for young actors and actresses in Kiowa County. This consists of a week-long workshop, and this is the second annual one put on by the Twilight Players. Last year, after a week of practice and rehearsals, the youngsters put on The Wizard of Oz. This year the play of choice was Peter Pan.

"I am absolutely pleased with the way it turned out. They are great kids and they responded well to instruction. They worked hard and they are an amazing group of kids. I loved it," said West.

More than 100 people attended the performance last Saturday in Greensburg to watch Peter Pan which was held at the Twilight Theatre. West and crew hope to continue this traditional workshop for years to come.

The cast was an extensive list of young people from Kiowa County. Jiwoo Chang played Peter Pan, Addy Carrillo played Tinker Bell, Amelia Barnes played Wendy, Sebastian Favela played Michael, Andy Kyle played John, Brennan Arredondo played Captain Hook, Cash Lothman played Smee, Alaina Kost played Mother Darling, Gabi Cervantes played Tiger Lily, Javan Oberle played Chief Great Big Little Panther, Truman Barnes played Tootles, Grayson Ballard played Skylights, Evelyn Stokes played Pearl, Natalie Koger played Starfish, and Eli Cervantes played the Crocodile. Savannah Hall was the narrator. She played a key role as an on-stage coach.

West directed the show. Amber Cambell was the musical director assisted by Randy Rinker as the pianist. Angelique Libby helped with music auditions and Sue Greenleaf provided snacks to make sure no one got too hungry at rehearsals.