COLUMBUS - There's a certain sullen stigma that comes to mind for many when thinking about what life life as a resident in a nursing home must be like. A group of residents at Medicalodges Columbus are proving that stigma wrong.

They call it the M.A.D.E. program, which stands for 'making a difference everyday.' It began in 2013 when a group of Medicalodge residents decided to band together and give back to the community they are proud to be apart of.

The program came to fruition when a group of residents began casually meeting to do crafts, particularly creating beaded jewelry. The impromptu group started meeting regularly and eventually built up an impressive inventory. The crafters decided to begin selling their creations and donate the resulting funds to a local charity they deemed worthy.

The group has donated to All God's Creartures and the Children's Miracle Network. There newest choice of charity is next year's Miss Columbus Pageant Scholarship. M.A.D.E. will have two booths set up at this year's Columbus Days Festival, with all proceeds going towards the scholarship fund.

In addition to the beaded jewelry, the group is always looking for new projects. They've also created crocheted dishcloths, home-made powdered soap, decorative wreaths and much more.

According to RN Administrator Amy Higgins, many of the residents that never came to an activity and participated before are now first in line because of the M.A.D.E. program.

"Many of them talk about how the craft program has given them a purpose to get out of bed each day and do something that simply makes them feel good inside," said Higgins. "We also hear comments from them about how the program gives them something to feel proud about and share with their visiting family members and friends."

The group has brought a sense of renewed friendship between themselves, as well as with the staff assisting them. More importantly, it has given the residents a self-driven opportunity to give back and be apart of their community.