Highlights the positive impact it will have on small businesses and working-class families in Kansas

Steve Watkins, U.S. Army veteran and conservative Republican candidate for Kansas’ 2nd Congressional District, today released the following statement on the passing of the U.S. House tax reform bill, the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act:

“I’m glad that Congress was able to deliver on a key part of President Trump’s agenda that will provide desperately needed tax relief to Americans all across the nation. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will have a direct and positive impact on Kansas’ 2nd Congressional District, and I hope the Senate won’t waste any time passing their version.

“For Kansan entrepreneurs, the simplified tax code under this plan will make it easier to start your own business and contribute to our economy. As an entrepreneur myself I know how important this will be. By also lowering the tax rates on businesses of all sizes, which is critical, small business owners can finally focus on expanding, hiring more workers, and paying better wages.

“This bill also helps the working-class families in Kansas’ 2nd Congressional District who are struggling to get by, let alone get ahead, under our nation’s outdated tax system. We’ll now see the tax rates for low and middle-income families lowered and the standard deduction doubled. You will get to keep more of your hard-earned money. Most importantly, most individuals will be able to file their taxes on a simple form - like a postcard. To have to pay someone else to file your taxes every year was ridiculous to begin with.

“All in all, this is a great bill and I know it will do wonders for my fellow Kansan neighbors. I’m also glad Congress put American taxpayers first for once. There is still work to be done, and I hope the Senate follows the House’s lead and passes their version so President Trump can sign this bill into law.”