HELLO Beloved Readers! Did you get enough turkey Thanksgiving?

In Portuguese turkey translates: Peru bird.

I have been blessed to travel on two missions trips to Peru and never ate or saw a single dish of turkey leg.

I did dine on the popular Peruvian food of Lomo Saltado consisting of sliced beef stir fried in red onions, yellow chillies, tomatoes, potatoes, vinegar and soy sauce. Yummy.

Most of us will eat more turkey Christmas but tween now and then let me recommend two of my local favorites a little closer than Peru.

Oriental Garden Chinese Cusine and Angels on the Route 66 Cafe, both on Military Ave.

The Oriental Garden has a daily lunch buffet for $6.99. The head chef if from South Korea and the buffet is fresh and delicious and I hereby proclaim best small town Chinese buffet in the world, or at least the 70 countries I've been in.

I washed dishes for food at Angels on The Route and may have ate myself out of a job on the Spaghetti Red. Alan and Cheri are wonderful people and the place is really cozy with live music at times. Tell them I sent you and I might get one more baby bowl of S-Red.

Hey both places have ice cream, hand dipped at the Route.

Speaking of Military I love the memorial just behind American Bank. It reads as follows......

'In memory of all American veterans. This memorial honors all American veterans who although seperated by generations shared a common goal to protect our country's freedoms. In war and peace they have placed themselves in harm's way to serve a cause greater than themselves, ensuring that the freedom we hold dear and the values we share shall prevail. THE American Veteran.... Forever a Symbol of Heroism, Sacrifice and Freedom.'

Now there's a big heart full of words worth reflection this Christmas...

Lets all wave a flag and say a prayer for our veterans and troops this year at our Christmas parade at 2 p.m. on Dec. 2.

Pray for Baxter Police Department, Sheriff's Department and our 911 Ambulance service employees. Remember my son Israel Duane Lyon in the Air Force.

I enjoyed some old fashioned Hiland Egg Nog this morning from Dollar Store. It seems to taste better with the snow man on the carton.

Last Saturday I thought I was going to get a chance to build a snow man, after that 73 on Friday! God's breath blew leaves all over town, I once heard an old timer say. In New York City I was in a place that sold leaves. Hey world! Come on to Baxter Springs and get all you want for free.

1115 Park has two types of Christmas stamps in, James at the post office ordered me two sheets of nativity stamps. They don't wear suit and tie like workers on their history board, but they are 100 percent customer service with a smile in our home town..

Folk don't mail Christmas cards like they used to, still I think a card takes more love than a email or text, guess I'm a little old fashioned too, Jesse done give up on her daddy growing up. Ha Ha!

I still have a flip top phone, I don't run like I'm in the NYC Marathon ever time it makes a noise.

I had a chat with local legend and icon Wayne Metcalf in his barber shop. Wayne started cutting hair across the street from his current and 3rd location 62 years ago in September 1955 for .85 cents a head, now seven dollars a head.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was president when he hired in. By the way President Eisenhower's Library and Museum is in Kansas and Wayne is a library of history himself.

When he started Baxter had eight shops, now that number is two.

Wayne has kept all the score books for our local basketball team at the high school for 62 years, missing only six games due to sickness, and is on his 15th basketball coach. If you don't like Jayhawks, well just don't tell him, remember he has a baseball field named after him while most of us are just called names! Thank you Wayne for being a giver.

I asked Wayne the biggest change in people walking through the door and he said we went from Flat tops to long hair and now back to short hair again. Remember, Elvis was 21 the day Wayne hired in. Time sure is a running. Makes you wonder if bell bottom britches might come back.

Ecclesiastes - 12:6 is the weekly bible verse.