Prior to the upcoming winter weather season, the Kansas Department of Transportation, Kansas Turnpike Authority, and the Kansas Highway Patrol are urging motorists to travel safely and prepare for winter road conditions wherever they travel.

Road conditions in the state can be checked utilizing KDOT’s KanDrive site, KanDrive provides map views of road conditions and closures, real-time camera views of current highway conditions, and links to road information for neighboring states. You can also call 5-1-1 from any phone in the state for a recording of road conditions.

The state encourages you to make sure your vehicle is prepared ahead of the storm season, when ice, snow or rain, as well as colder temperatures can make driving more difficult. Check your wiper blades, tire treads, wiper fluid levels, and that in general your vehicle is in good mechanical working order, including your emergency flashing lights. It is recommended you keep a winter weather emergency kit in your vehicle at all times. Emergency kits should contain item such as:

A working flashlight

Extra warm clothing

Extra batteries

A shovel

Battery-powered radio

Non-perishable snack foods

Bottled water

Matches and candles

First aid kit

Pocket knife

Tow chain and/or rope

Battery booster cables

Road flares

Fluorescent Distress flag


Reflective emergency warning triangles

When winter weather occurs, motorists should prepare to leave early and allow extra time for travel. Frost and snow should be completely cleared off all windows, mirrors and lights to provide maximum visibility.

If you encounter winter weather while traveling:

Accelerate and brake gently.

Increase following distance between you and other vehicles.

Steer in the direction you want to go if you lose traction and begin to slide off the road.

Do not use cruise control when traveling in wet, icy or snowy conditions.

Always buckle up and ensure your children are in appropriately-fitted child-safety seats.

If you become involved in a non-injury crash, which does not involve hazardous materials, Kansas law requires you to move your vehicle out of the lane of travel to protect yourself, as well as other motorists.

Dress for conditions. Make sure you have a coat, gloves, appropriate footwear, etc. if you are traveling in winter weather.

Let loved ones know your route of travel.

If you need help on a Kansas highway, call *47 for the Kansas Highway Patrol or call *KTA for the Kansas Turnpike Authority.

If you have an active K-TAG from the Kansas Turnpike Authority, you can use the electronic lanes on Oklahoma and Texas tollroads. Verify your K-TAG account is active and ready for travel by logging into your online account (, by calling (800) USE-KTAG or by using the PayIt Kansas mobile app.