Happy Nice New Year! 2018, ready or not, it tis upon us, time sure is a running, when I was knee high to a grasshopper my grandmother Laura would always say two things: Duane be a pretty boy and enjoy your youth son as when you get older time will take up wings and fly. When she said be a pretty boy she was saying be nice. Grandmother didn't lie. When you spend a dollar you can earn it back but when you spend a day it's gone forever.

As your media representative I propose in 2018 that all my beloved reader's have more fun. Let's make that a city-wide new years resolution. I was reared in a Baptist church and Pastor Jimmy started more sermons than not with some of you look like you been baptized in a barrel of pickle juice and maybe held under for a spell. All us kids in the choir just laughed ourselves silly like we was hearing the joke for the first time week after week.

I went on down to King Cashsavers and purchased Jesse and I a 16-ounce bottle of Hiland Farmer owned old fashioned yellow egg nog, a piece with a snowman on front. Later we dined on some marshmallow melt-topped sweet taters and broccoli noodle chicken casserole, with pumpernickel buttered bread. Say that three times!

Before long I got to thinking about a lot of things we get all worked up about just don't matter. Did you know fun folk outlive real serious folk. We need more banana malts and fudge in our day-to-day goings-on's. Buy some Lions Club pecans and Assembly of God peanut brittle at True Value, and other nice locations .Shop local when you can. Smiles attract more smiles, seems to me folk were more neighborly back in the day. Donna Keith who is a professional candy maker shared with me her parents belonged to a card club and played bridge around the neighborhood. Her daddy borrowed money each year from the bank for a family vacation and then bit by bit paid it back in time for the next year, traveling to Pikes Peak, Lamar, Colorado, Galveston, Texas, and other grand locations. They looked forward all year to the trip. Her mother packed food in a basket to save money on the road, often time they stayed in a cabin. They didn't have a television or radio and somehow lived without a iPhone. Happy birthday Dona K. 88 on Jan. 8, 2018.

This column in part exists to put fun back in your local newspaper and everyday life, nice matters here. We are the local in local news you can use if you choose and won't find on Fox or CNN. Shoe leather news not from the wire. Rest assured your columnist is out pounding the pavement and asking real questions of real nice local people day in and day out. No fake news here and no corporate head feeding the topics allowed either. We answer directly to you the valued and cherished reader filter free.

Friend of mine there's a beauty in simplicity and I believe we've lost something. More ain't always better. If you have love your sure enough rich. The more folk you can get at a picnic the better. The more watermelon slices you hand out the sweeter it tastes. Giving and being nice is fun and makes you feel good, it pleases the Lord Jesus. It would do people good to go back a few years I do believe. Two at a rainbow is always better than one, makes it seem more pretty and the one you with more pretty, remember grandmother's translation.

It's nice to be important but more important to be nice, again nice matters here within these pristine pages. If we show ourselves friendly we will attract friend's and remember all of you going through a rough patch this holiday season, disappointments are just God's way of saying that he has something better for you. Be patient, live life, laugh, have faith and be nice. Lastly eat more banana splits.

Baxter Springs Heritage Center & Museum closed Monday, Jan. 1, for the New Year Holiday. Museum info: 620-856-2385. Thank you Mary and team for your service.

Baxter Springs Post Office News, I met Lorenzo W. Pittsley lV Postmaster at our local office recently and he shared concerning my recent gumball news and big idea story that he gave a yearly safety meeting to all mail carrier's on the hazards of tripping due to the prickly balls, I smell a federal grant to help launch my gumball factory and funds to plant thousands of gumball trees from Baxter to Galena. Dawn my influential city hall contact should be calling me soon. Who is laughing at who now. Bill Gates started in his garage.

Cornerstone outside at Baxter Springs post office, Henry Morgenthan JR Secretary of the Treasury- James A Farley Postmaster General- Louis A Simon Supervising Architect- Neal A Melick Supervising Engineer 1935- Lorenzo W.Pittsley IV local postmaster 2018.

I didn't say any thing at the time of our chat but Lorenzo has the perfect full name for a postmaster, his parents must of seen something in him as a baby and gave him a cornerstone type of name. I could see his name in a cornerstone one day, now more history recorded within the pages of this premier newspaper, all while making history fun again. Readers due to the friendliness and professional staff at our post office and our postmasters knowledge of gumballs and yearly gumball safety orientation, I hereby award my first-ever 5-star platinum plus certificate for excellence in service and furthermore proclaim it the best small town post office in The United States Of America. Franklin D.Roosevelt was our President when the stone was engraved, as my friend's at Mrs. Halls class well know.

Angels on the Route will reopen in January 2018. Ritz had on stage Dec.16: Blank slate and 501 B. Sonic has a double feature food special, I received a season's greeting KINGREY-KELLUM AGENCY,INC. Kingrey Real Estate calendar today. Insurance and Realtor since 1959, -GENE BARRETT, Attorney At Law office closed til Jan. 3. EL CABRITOS Mexican Restaurant has a new sign to go up soon and new winter hours, Mon.-Sat. 11 a.m. 9 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., says manager Chicho, restaurant is located beside O'Reilly Auto Parts.

Ray & Steve's Spot free Car wash had there automatic pay center repaired last week. Workers were not sure if someone hit the concrete lid or not.They removed it and with grinder and wet concrete mix in hand it's now better than new. Concrete blocks were reset by two stone masons on Dec. 20. We are exclusive in reporting this hometown news. Clean cars run better and last longer. Give your car a bath at R&S, hometown 5-star car wash.

In the Garden Floral and Gifts 201 east 12th st. has a stringer of green Christmas lights burning bright from 1969 that still work, amazing, also reported on the radio, we came in second this time with a silver medal. They are not for sale, but The Cookie Corner Homemade cookies and MAMA'S GOURMET Candy are for sale. All within the Flower shop including 12th street boutique with the finest in ladies Apparel. Remember they are your one stop all seasons flower shop, winter-summer, spring, or fall they will prepare it all at ''In the Garden," Baxters only everything's new mall. Warm regards as I write from my fireplace, we shall chat again in 2018.