I wanted to add my thoughts to the conversation on the election in the Second Congressional District:

Caryn Tyson is by far the best candidate in the 2nd District race. It’s disappointing, but hardly surprising, to see people misrepresent her record so early in the race. The fact is Tyson is the only candidate on the Republican side who has a record of cutting taxes, reducing spending, defending life, fighting illegal immigration, reforming welfare, and protecting our farmers.

She reversed a tax flaw forcing small Kansas businesses to pay tax on their losses rather than deduct them. The change Tyson engineered was a tax cut. Her work ethic, principles and insights helped earn her the position of Chair of the Senate Tax Committee where she continued to fight tax increases that came her way, even when leadership wanted her to cave. Tyson also initiated a national award-winning audit of the state budget that identified more than $30 million in waste. And she worked to pass legislation to stop funding for Planned Parenthood in Kansas.

On issue after issue Caryn Tyson isn’t just a talker. She’s a worker and a fighter. It’s clear where she stands based on her actions, not just her words. Some of her opponents, by contrast, don’t even have records to take out of context.

More importantly, Tyson’s record and background includes so much more than politics. Unlike some of her opponents, she’s a citizen legislator rather than an aspiring career politician. As a rancher and software engineer, Tyson has a real-world perspective and will be a make a real difference for the people of this district. The candidates’ records show that Tyson is by far the best candidate. It’s not even close.