FAIR GROVE, Mo. - This past Saturday, the Baxter Springs Powerlifting team traveled to Fair Grove, Missouri, for their second tournament of the year. It was a very competitive meet, with 16 other schools competing and over 300 lifters.

BHS placed 6th as a team and had 19 top 10 finishers. Three lifters took home medals. Kenny Herrenbruck and Blythe Ipock each placed 2nd in their divisions, and Riley Bailey place 3rd in his division.

"We did well looking at placements but our team goal has always been personal records," Coach Charles Rector said. "For us, it is all about our gains. We work to improve ourselves, and with time and patience, we see each other placing higher and higher at meets."

In all 31 Lions broke personal records last weekend.

Lion top finishers were:

Kenny Herrenbruck – 2nd

Blythe Ipock – 2nd

Riley Bailey – 3rd

Narciso Ortiz – 4th

Michael Dardenne – 4th

Tristian Bush – 4th

Whitney Holstrom – 5th

Abi Kerr – 5th

Tyrae Skye – 5th

Spencer Barnard – 7th

Gage Piper – 8th

Caleb Burks – 8th

Lane Hall – 9th

Salfel Felix – 9th

Bridgette Dewey – 10th

Cole Haider – 10th

Haden Woodcock – 10th

Jose Leon – 10th

Garrett Gayoso – 10th