From 2/5 to 2/9

Kenneth William Bingham, Maximum speed limits, $183

Linda Joyce Bowin, Failure to wear seatbelt; 18+ years, $30

Breanna Lea Burgess, Maximum speed limits, $153

Johnna Marie Cato Schwan, Failure to wear seatbelt; 18+ years, $30

Johann Marie Cato Schwan, Following another vehicle too closely, $183

Angela Sue Chaffin, Driving on the left in no-passing zone, $183

Brandon J. Cook, License to be carried and exhibited upon demand, $389

Fantasy Rachelle Rossman, Vehicles; Unlawful Acts; e.g., registration, $358

Sarina Danielle Shofner, Interference with LEO; Obstruct felony warrant service or execution, $588

Douglas Eugene Strubbe, Maximum speed limits, $177