TOPEKA - Delegates from Columbus, including Mayor Grant Spieth and Columbus Chamber of Commerce Director Jean Pritchett, were greeted with a standing ovation at the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka last week. In honor of the city's 150th anniversary, the Senate adopted Resolution No. 1766 on Feb. 7, commemorating the sesquicentennial.

The resolution was introduced by 13th District Kansas State Senator Richard Hilderbrand. Hilderbrand is also a former Chairman of the Board of Cherokee County Commissioners.

Senate Resolution No. 1766―

A RESOLUTION commemorating the city of Columbus on its 150th birthday.

WHEREAS, The city of Columbus was founded 150 years ago at the center point of Cherokee County; and

WHEREAS, The founders donated land for the town site in 1868, converting wild prairie grass into what became a bustling county seat; and

WHEREAS, Columbus, situated in the center of the county, became the home of Columbus Unified High School, because the citizens of Columbus took a special interest in education; and

WHEREAS, Columbus hosted as many as six rail lines and the national highway, making it a transportation center for agricultural produce, coal and minerals; and

WHEREAS, The 150th birthday of the city is of great significance to its citizens as their forefathers met the challenges of the past and gave them the opportunity to celebrate the future: Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Kansas: That we commemorate the history and significance of the city of Columbus on its 150th birthday.