BAXTER SPRINGS - As a long time member of the Baxter Springs Lions Club and a community supporter, Kent Warstler had the forthright vision to honor the local high school seniors. Mr. Warstler wanted to recognize the seniors not only in academics, but in different talents of achievements of their Baxter Springs High School in fields they excelled.

Kent passed away in 2008. The local Lions Club has carried on his esteem dignity since. On Monday the 45th Kent Warstler Senior Honor Banquet was held.

Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves was the quest speaker. Sheriff Groves talked about what being a leader actually means. When interviewing a prospective employee of his department he “stresses honestly and integrity”. Shefiff Groves further discussed the Ethics and Dilemma test studied at the Kansas State Police Academy. There are eight parts of the standard stressed:

1. Am I acting out of greed?

2. Is my decision legal ?

3. Would I do it if my family was standing besides me?

4. How will it make me feel in twenty years?

5. Is it worth me losing my job?

6. Would I do it if I was being video taped?

7. Would my loved ones be proud of me?

8. Am I following the Golden Rule?

Sheriff Groves closed stressing the importance of treating people with courtesy and respect: “Baxter Springs High School contributed to the fine people you are today”.

USD 508 school system “Nurse Sandy” Clark has seen this seniors become the citizens that they have advanced through her many years working with them. Sandy was giving the honor to recognize the recipients of their awards.

Art: Sara Sarvaunt Parents- Lee and Dina Shoemaker, Business: Shelbi Miller Parents Staci and Jody Bingham, Computer Technonogy: Whitney Holstrom Parents Georgiana and Eric Rion, Construction Trades: Justin Schnieders Parents Craig and Terri Schnieders, English: Kallie Cook Parents Kami Butterfield and Kenneth Cook, Family and Consumer Science: Hailey Fisher Parents Rusty and Candice Anderson, Foreign Language: Bea Graves Parents Billy and Scarlet Graves, Instrumental Music: Jade Weston Parents Craig and Leslie Weston, Math: Emily Spencer Parents Neil and Laura Spencer, Physical Education: Narciso Ortiz Parents Narciso and Maria Ortiz, Science: Kenny Herrenbruck Parents Chip and Ronda Herrenbruck, Social Science: Max Sheffer Parents Jason and Barb Sheffer, and Vocal Music: Libby Thomasson Parents James and Jennifer Lyons.