Expanded Options available to enhance Farm Safety Net

TOPEKA - Droughts, floods, late season snow storms, wildfires and other natural disasters are frequent reminders of the inherent and unpredictable risks with farming in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. In 2017 alone, producers were paid over $600 million in crop insurance indemnities in these four states to cover losses from these and other natural disasters.

“Crop insurance has become a vital risk management tool for producers in our region,” said Rebecca Davis, Director of the Risk Management Agency’s Topeka Regional Office. “Over 50 million acres of the nation’s most productive farmland was insured last year in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. And whether a large or small operation, crop insurance can be available to you in the upcoming year to offer a reliable safety net against these natural disasters.”

To prepare for this year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Risk Management Agency (RMA) urges farmers to sign up for crop insurance before the sales closing dates for eligible 2018 spring crops. The sales closing dates for most spring-planted crops in our region is February 28 or March 15.

Federal crop insurance helps producers recover after severe weather and manage other business risks. RMA implemented a number of program improvements for the 2018 year. Coverage is available for nearly every commodity, including fruit, vegetable, and organic, with crop specific plans or the Whole-Farm Revenue Protection policy. 

Sales closing dates vary by crop, state, and county. More information about deadlines are available in the RMA Actuarial Browser. To discuss dates and options, producers should contact their local agent. Learn more at www.rma.usda.gov.