BAXTER SPRINGS - With the urging of friends and students, Coach Charlie Rector started a power lifting program four years ago. Last Friday, Baxter Springs High School held a scholarship signing for four of his team to attend Coffeyville Community College. Coach Mark Allen of the CCC team attended the signing. Coach Rector said this signing ceremony was the first assembly at BHS for power lifters.

Power Lifting is not a Kansas State High School Activates Association sanctioned activity. Schools participate through the National Athletes Strength Association. This is a drug free organization, and the participates are tested.

No funding comes from BHS. Coach Rector said of the team's funding, "We get some help from our school such as travel, and their weight room. We raise our own funds for meet registrations and uniforms, and whatever else is needed."

What I like about our kids is they’re always trying to beat their personal bests," Coach Rector said. "They have broken many school records, and NASA records."

Power Lifting is a CO-ED opportunity. BHS has over 20 girls participating. Some girls on the team were offered scholarships, but decided to go to Pittsburg State University or elsewhere.

"Pitt State has power lifting as a club sport, so hopefully they will continue there, or at their college if offered," Coach Rector said.

Students signing were: Blythe Ipock, son of Sheila Dunn and Eric Ipock; Spencer Barnard, son of Becca Paxson; Jose Leon, son of Refugio and Alexjandro Leon; and Narciso Ortiz, son of Maria and Narciso Ortiz.

Coach Rector added, when talking to his lifters, especially the new members, "You don’t chop down a tree with one swing. It takes consistency."