Putting The Cow Back In Cowtown!

By the late 1860s Baxter had corrals that would hold up to 20,000 head of cattle with 6,000 residents within the city limits; later that number rose up to 8,000. When the railroad moved south so did the cows. Presently not one cow resides within the city limits of Baxter Springs, although that may change soon as I heard through the grapevine a feller is getting his paperwork in order for his emotional support cow! Some local stores such as Marvins, Dollar Store, and King Cash Saver may have to widen the aisles a bit to accommodate the bountiful, beautiful therapeutic pet.

With that said I'm planing a joint session with both the Baxter and Columbus' Chamber of Commerces about a ingenious idea I had traveling from a spa to a outdoor swimming pool recently. Now like President Reagan once said "I don't care who gets the credit as long as good is done".

Let's combine historic Route 66, former Cowtown Days, and our Rodeo event into one super celebration! Theme: "GET KICKED ON ROUTE 66!" What a bumper sticker. Running of the Bulls takes place each year in Pamplona, Spain. Your representative has been in Spain twice. I propose, Running of the Cows in Baxter Springs, Kansas, thus putting the cow back in Cowtown! All elected officials, lawyers and media representatives will be chased from COTTRELL'S to the Baxter Center, old laundromat (breaking news) which will reopen in time for the soon to be international event. Any stained garments cleaned on site.

By using the three before-mentioned groups the general public will be kept out of harm's way. People will turn out in groves to root for the cows. I of course will cover the event from atop American Bank having previous experiences in Spain. By inviting all radio, newspaper, and television media outlets, blanket coverage is assured. We in media all like to horn toot a bit! Tickets, $3 each taken up by the downtown businesses. Trust me the stores will be packed. Those few who remain outside will be compelled to sign a release form just like the gentle-man who was trampled by the bull at our recent rodeo. Jesse-Rue saw it all live.

Nationally known local historian and avid supporter of Route 66, Dean"crazy legs" Walker is the people's choice to be Goodwill Ambassador for the event according to my private polling.

The Baxter Springs News, August 9, 2007, chronicles Deans visit on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He can handle this international event with his experience with famous people and news outlets. I met him at True Value Hardware and always enjoy a fellow media juggernaut. I'm not implying to be famous myself, August 9 is my birthday, just reporting full disclosure. On that same front page article about Dean, headline read, Cowtown Days Will Have Something For Everyone.

Promising a even more exciting event in 2007, the Pride of Texas carnival was coming to town. Also a $12,000 Harley was given away, Gospel night included, Brothers with Purpose, also goldfish races and a Pie and Cake contest was on the calendar. I love cake-walks personally.

The key to any successful city-wide event is to get the merchants and church's on board. Both have built-in volunteers. People in stores translates to people in pews and homes, along with children in schools. I'm not politicking, just proposing, thank you and your most welcome.

MONARCH Pharmacy and Soda Fountain is ready to celebrate with Brown Cow vintage drink specials, chocolate syrup, Coca-Cola and vanilla ice cream, Black Cow-has rootbeer in place of Cola. Somewhere In Time has Cow Town Copies and Calendars, See Sean for Cowtown cookies in chocolate brown cow shapes now. They have western beltbuckles and key chains, rodeo horse pop bottle openers. True Value still has the old Farm and Ranch section sign to the left high on the wall. Don't forget in 1872 the Mayor of Baxter shot the Marshal, remember the famous James gang holdup, from JESUS to Jesse we got history galore, somebody write that song!

Souvenir Cowtown Edition Baxter Springs Citizen July 27,1981 announced, 4-wheel drive contest, old fiddlers contest, Pioneer Day, Chicken Dinner & Country music, Gospelfest, Rev. Dave Robinson, Arts and Crafts show, Boy Scout Bean Feed, United Presbyterian Church Ice Cream Social and more. I'm gonna get Dona K. to make some cow chip fudge for Cowtown 2020. I'm full of ideas.

In 1981 seven girls competed for title of Cowtown Queen including Robin St. Clair, Mary Broyles. Also seven girls were vying for Rodeo Queen including Deborah Ann Walker and Mary Owens. Don't forget the parade! Three great granddaughters of the founder of Baxter Springs, -Reverend John Baxter were parade Marshalls in 1981. The first Cowtown Days was in 1969 that included a mock bank hold up, Rev.Max Muellner was the announcer for the show. Sunday afternoon featured the Lord's prayer with sign language by Mrs. John Hess.

As a former Angels on the Route 66 Cafe "for free food" dishwasher I would like to see the place re-open and named the Cow Palace Breakfast Barn and serve Angel egg omelettes as a specialty. I'm plum wore out from writing and swimming, gonna noon nap a spell in my iron feather bed! Warm regards.