Bites, Bits and Pieces! - I need to do some catching up on my columns. Each week your media representative desires to stay at a standard length with my writing within the pristine pages of this award winning newspaper. Now I once had a editor who said, if you got it, write it. Well some months later my popularity had let's say wanned a bit and I was told the column was a little lengthy. My explanation that it wasn't required reading went over like a hippopotamus on a airplane in coach. I did learn folk purchasing paper by the tractor trailer load and ink by the barrel rightly have the say. I now self regulate. With that said some of my words hit the press floor in my spacious office as I am full of words. For those counting and collecting this is my sixteenth writing of this column and I want to write things I left out or just couldn't get to in past newspapers. I will title this write bites, bits and pieces.

First up is our beloved hometown McDonalds in my news bite section. You can pay $4.99 for a 10 piece chicken Mcnugget or $5 for a 20 piece, technically two 10 piece packs. That's 10 extra nuggets for one penny. 20 Mcnuggets have 880 calories, now that's without the dipping sauce. I just confirmed this in a phone interview, 620-856-3401. Now it's not on the menu, you will only read it here. Folk are lining up for this 7 day a week chicken nugget for-real deal. If you only want 10, take the other 10 to work and be the office hero for the day!

I recently finished a column in Sam's Club sitting in the pool furniture display section. I like private clubs and free samples. Did you know membership isn't required to eat at the restaurant/deli in Sam's? I often eat a jumbo Nathan's hotdog and super soda with unlimited refills for $1.50 and change, ask for onions and sauerkraut, they are free. I prefer diet coke as you have to cut back somewhere. I am a member and enjoy the free samples as well as the wi-fi. Membership has its privileges. I have my entire name on my card, Duane Henry Hoefer Lyon.

I like to write on location at times. When I wrote pool news I walked to the frozen pool, if I hadn't Stanley wouldn't have brought his wealth of information and I wouldn't have met the 3 black birds summer dreaming either. Atmosphere is not every thing in writing, it's the only thing. Somebody jot that line down, oh yea I just did.

I walked up on Frank's Transmission shop one day and a story was born. I have to sit in the shop, eat the ice cream, work in the plant to maintain the quality of writing I require of myself. When your reading what I write in other media outlets "I won't mention them" I will turn in my typewriter. I go for a gold medal every week and I want you to come home from your workplace and say where's the newspaper after you kiss your spouse of course. I desire that you feel good as you lay back in your lazy boy or girl recliners and believe your media representative is doing deep research in books and wearing out shoes to bring you hometown news. I reported first, the roof work at the Baxter Laundromat and American Bank because I was watching the rooftops while you were out making a living for your beloved family.

More Cowtown Days News--on Cowtown Queen news 1981,-I mentioned candidates Robin and Mary last week, now the other five, Shelley Derfelt, Kelli McMinn, Rajeana Jones, Susie Sheffer and Abby Mallory.

Your 1981 Rodeo Queen candidates were Deborah and Mary in last week's Around Town, now here is your other five, Tammy Murray, Gene Maute, Treva Ann Wright, Mindy Mayfield and Sherrill Ann Hatfield. Hatfield is a great name for any Cowtown or old west celebration.

The 1981 Cowtown Days parade featured three fitting parade marshals who were the great-granddaughters of Baxter Springs founder Reverend John Baxter. Now when a preacher is the founder of your town your off to a good start. This week I have the ladies names, Millie Baxter Francis, 89, who would be 126 now, Maude Baxter Turner, 87, and Leota Baxter Manning. Thank you Baxter family, seems kinda funny to write such a sentence.

The before mentioned all appeared in a supplement to the Baxter Springs Citizen July 27, 1981 Souvenir Edition, COWTOWN DAYS August 1st-8th-, 1981.

I was born on Aug. 9, so when a newspaper from 2007 comes in my hands with that date I'm interested. The Baxter Springs News Thursday, Aug. 9, 2007 edition. It was 100 degrees on that day 11 years ago, low was 73. Forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday was 101.

Page A3 Lion Club News, Lion Chuck Leverich tells club members about the upcoming Cowtown Days Celebration 2007. I'm kinda fond of the Lions club name.

Baxter 8--Under Girls All--star Team 2007, Brittany Minor, Kayla Spence, Kelsey Simon, Kelsey Spence, Carrie Thomasson, Taylor Krokroski, Cheyenne Von Moss, Bailey Bush, Hailey Horn, Chelsey Madden, Kortney Sills, Sarah Spencer and Marley Bailey. Love on your babies they grow up quick, warm regards.

-- Lyon is a world traveler, humorist, writer, folk artist and painter. He lives part time in Baxter Springs and has been a missionary in 70 countries for over 35 years. He has published poetry in Canada and the United States and is a graduate of CFNI Dallas,Texas.