DONUT PALACE...No one was singing the blues at 1525 Military Ave, Baxter Springs Kansas last Tuesday for the sweet grand opening. mmmm! donuts! "Donut Palace" had 30 customers lined up from the cash register to the doors eyeing the glazed yummys on day 2, Wednesday I counted 10 cars at the drive up window. On day 3 of my research and writing I counted 20 cars in the parking lot at one time with more pulling in as the concert atmosphere continued.

Just back from Tupelo Sunday where a boy named Elvis was born and reared I walked in on the grand opening Super Tuesday. Donut Palace billboards proclaim, "Where The Customer is Still King, a cross and crown adorns each metal sign menu.

One tot practiced her abc's in line as adults giggled and played with there phones. "Suspicious Minds" abounded as everyone made comments to one another on their presence in the sugar shop where everything gets "Stuck on You". Kanha the manager seemingly sang out "anything else" as the memorized fans poured in the door with a bell ringing them in. The drive-up window bell rang out a tune of its on. One middle school student gasped to his dad and 3 classmates, are we in the right world as he downed the sugary melt in your mouth confections. "Amazing" one "3 days in a row lady" yelled to a first time seeker who wandered sheepishly in the door saying he had heard about the donuts from residents who "Can't help falling in Love"with the "Love me Tender" morsels.

Joe, Minea and Daro worked up a "Fever" in the kitchen to keep up with the visitor's hungry as "Hound Dog's". One gent wore sun glasses inside the bakery as he ordered multiple boxes, he confessed were for work, no one knows for sure where the disguised mystery man with sideburns went or where the donuts ended up. I promise I'm not making this up! He sped away in a silver van with Kansas plates. They do have blueberry donuts. Many residents made confessions as they entered, some "All shook" up to discover they were face-to-face with face-book friends.

One lady told me one dozen is going to City Hall, I'm not Judging but some wondered out loud where the other 2 dozen were headed. Star Lube employees made the personal pilgrimage from next door. I spotted a Marvin's employee, hey everybody it's not a crime to visit the palace, come out of the shadows into the light.

Donut Palace is open 7 days a week from 5 a.m. to one o'clock just after lunch. The bakery team arrive at 2 a.m. in the morning to bake fresh, hot donuts daily. These lovely asian people are all from Cambodia. It's located in Southeastern Asia surrounded by the Gulf of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. They have had shops in Texas and Missouri. These good folks are donut people! You don't have to chew these donuts, the glazed donuts will dissolve in your mouth. Kanha told me with her permanent smile, we are team-members, we work as a team. They live in Cassville Missouri presently.

I dined with Dave Lewis, his son Dylan who had donut holes, accompanied by his sweetheart Arianna. I asked Dave how he heard about the palace and he quickly answered his daughter Cheyene (a delightful lady) called him and said, Daddy theirs a new donut shop in Baxter Springs. She has waited 15 years for this event, he said. As a small girl every Saturday she would wake him and say lets go to Donut Johns, actually it was Daylight Donuts owned by John Murray. Someone commented about Cheyene's long John and chocolate milk when the Donut Queen shot back, I'm eating for two. Instantly Dave smiled telling me this will be our first grandchild. Grandaddy will be bringing the grand baby soon enough keeping the family tradition alive. Friend Susan had pigs-in-a-blanket before 8 a.m. and was persecuted.

Dona K. hadn't been to the palace as of press time but remarked they are "Always on my mind" now that I know. Eat up and enjoy your writer says, "Don't be Cruel", with comments that are hurtful. Donuts are fun and they taste so good. Elvis liked donuts and I liked Elvis. Thank you very much! Let's look at the Donut menu. Glazed, Iced, Cake, Blueberry, Old Fashioned, Long John, Bismark, Cinnamon Roll, Pine Cone, -(my favorite) Apple Fritter, Twist, Donut Holes, also Biscuits with sausage, egg and cheese, or bacon. Order 1 or 2 Biscuits and gravy. Croissants with sausage, bacon or ham, all with egg and cheese, pigs-in-a-blanket. Drinks, can/bottle soda, Orange juice, Apple juice, Gatorade, bottled water, white or chocolate milk, coffee, cappuccino, Red bull or Monster drinks. Remember to say your prayers and don't forget to have fun! God loves you, me too! Oh yea for those who had the idea to open a donut shop and didn't, consider a 24 hour family gym, I'm just proposing, warm regards.