The Baxter Glazed craze continued free-for-all on day four, as the dining hall over-flowed with forty one fans on Friday at The Donut Palace. This is part two of a exclusive report, read only here, as I moved into the Palace for a week to bring you a in-depth look into our newest local business. In this column we don't do flash-pan reporting like the talking heads on the boorish cable news networks. We live and eat here and can't afford to get ran out of town! We are not just a photo/cut-line and run, here in this premiere newspaper.

On my fourth visit, 13 cars were lined up at the drive-thru. Your hometown media representative was literally parked on Military Ave. After considerable time passed I pulled over to Star-Lube Auto Express for safety and the impromptu overflow parking lot opened up immediately as four more hungry drivers followed me. Bud and gang were not in yet. As of press time no one had been towed and no "customer only" signs had went up on adjoining businesses and or properties.

A few days later I sat in with Bud and gang just to watch his magic, and discovered the good neighbors at the palace brought a dozen glazed over to their tire neighbors on day one, and one of the palace employees had purchased a new set of tires. Bud is at it again trading tires for donuts "all day long". I call him the Colonel Tom Parker of tires. Tires and donuts rolling out the doors. Not to much gets Bud "All shook up"! My 80,000 mile tires are holding up fine although I needed to get the tire pressure checked as all my research at the palace added some cargo in my Chevy! Air is free at Buds!

No sign of the Fire Marshall either as Baxter Springs "Burning Love" for donuts continued with school-mates filling the dining hall to capacity and beyond with either a mom or dad posted ringside watching their watch! The parking lot shut down for a spell as no one could get in or out and it brought back memories of when I lived in downtown Manhattan.

I worked my third job in Baxter as I volunteered as a door man and greeter, thus giving me total access to the delighted and delirious customers as they walked in to be crowned Sugar Kings and Queens for a donut and a day. I previously research worked at BAGCRAFT and Angel's On The Route. "The Route will reopen early spring under new ownership". The former owners have gone into full-time gospel ministry. Let's keep them in prayer, more breaking news!

I held the door for one man who had three boxes and four sacks of donuts. Each box reads "You deserve a donut". A mountain of 50 pound Westco 31649-7 sweet and shine glaze feed sacks filled the bloated dumpster. Your media representative has a policy that any product such as flour, corn meal, or sugar packaged in a bag of 20 pounds or more shall be referred to as a feed sack. This is not intended to offend anyone whether human or animals such as cattle.

One young lady, Lizi, when told by Dad it's time to go, sprang from the table and hopped through the door and into her car only as a sugar Easter bunny could. The sugar had transformed her. She is a cutie pie.

One day another dad remarked he had overloaded his belly and that was hard to do he said as he trumpeted this would be his last donut. He chomped into the Long John as if it were his first. Later it was revealed this was in fact his beloved wife's Long John and he tried to give the half-eaten sweet back to his sweetheart. Ever the good wife his darling said oh no go ahead. Later he sheepishly tried to pass a bag of donut holes around to the family. As Isabel finished her brothers sausage sandwich she then danced through her entire cheer leading routine around the table twice. Finally Father had had enough as loving as he is and was he said ok, let's go. Even sweet babies stopped crying when given sweet bites!

At times 20 or more folk stood in line. A local youth has been hired to work weekends. Abby is a welcome asset to the energetic team. Many have asked if this Donut Palace is connected to the one in Miami, Oklahoma. Each Donut Palace is independently owned as a franchise. It is separate from The Donut Palace across the boarder in this manner. I called palace's in five states and talked to workers and management alike. They reported brisk business in Dallas, Texas, and elsewhere. Remember: No slowdown at Casey's donut sales locally.

Here we grow again, The Donut Palace, the soon coming Kim's Laundromat and Angel's On The Route 66 Cafe spring return. Now the old Learner's Manufacturing building across from the flower shop sold! We are watching and reporting!

Don't forget shopping starts Friday, March 30, (reopens)at the SEK Ministerial Alliance Thrift Store and Food pantry as its change over time, come shop for your Spring and Summer Wardrobe. 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. 140 west 10th, Baxter Springs. "Our mission is to help minimize hunger and hardship". Proceeds from clothing sales go to support the local food pantry. Please shop local when you can!

It's Easter, invite someone to church as we get ready to celebrate the greatest event in history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ! Happy Easter, I love each one of my cherished readers, spread the goods news of Around Baxter Town. Warm regards! Jesus Saves!

-- Duane H.H. Lyon is a world traveler, writer, artist, humorist and poet. Lyon has traveled through 70 nations of the world and published poetry in Canada and the United States. He is a graduate of CFNI Dallas, Texas.