One of the most frequent questions Kansas Insurance Department staffers receive from Kansans each year is how many complaints our office has received concerning a particular insurance company. Well, to paraphrase a commercial, “We have a booklet for that.”

Our annual “Complaint Index Report” provides a snapshot of the insurance industry in Kansas by allowing you to compare the number of complaints various companies have received for a particular line of business.

Our booklet, available online at our website or by requesting a hard copy, is one of the consumer tools we provide for pricing considerations, coverage availability, service and financial stability.

Our Consumer Assistance and Market Regulation divisions compile the information gathered for the report. Here are some of the items that you can find in it.

Each time the department receives a written complaint, we send a copy of the complaint to the insurance company and ask that it be reviewed and explained. Companies are required to respond to KID within 15 working days.

The report shows complaint information for the six major types of insurance: Accident and health, annuity, automobile, homeowners, life, and long-term care.

We list the top 20 premium-writing companies in the state for each line, as well as any company with 10 or more closed complaints for that line during the calendar year. Most years the report will show that accident and health and automobile complaints top the list.

“Claims handling” is the top category for the complaint problems.

The statistics in the report give a snapshot for a particular year. Since those statistics are compiled annually, the newest Complaint Index Report will always be for the preceding year.

The newest version of the Complaint Index Report will be available after May 1, 2018. You can go to our website,, to print a copy of the report, or you can order a hard copy of the booklet, also by going online. The direct website address is .

If you have a problem with an insurance company, or have questions about the information contained in this guide, contact the insurance department through our Consumer Assistance Hotline (800)-432-2484, or contact us through our online chat service located on the home page of our website.

We invite you to visit our award-winning website for useful information about all lines of insurance sold in Kansas. We are here to help answer your insurance questions and find solutions to your problems.