Who Are You Advocating For? I have a new friend who is quiet and easy going by nature. My good fellow can hardly get a word in edge wise as he is always sitting in-between two preachers when I see him.

On one chat day when the other preacher and I took a breath Richard spoke up and proclaimed, "I am a advocate for Jesus Christ", he spoke very forcefully pointing towards a bible. "I'm for Jesus and the bible! The bible is true, I am a defender of the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ!"

This devotional was born from Richard's simple yet profound proclamation.

I later broke out my American College Dictionary, no WiFi in my cabin, and an 'advocate' is one who pleads in favor of, to support or urge on behalf of. To recommend publicly, to espouse, to uphold and help, to plead for, an intercessor.

My good brother had spoke a mouthful. 1 Timothy verse 5 reads, "For there is one mediator also between God and man, the man Christ Jesus". "KJV"

1 John verse 5 tells us that if we sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.

God is for us, who can successfully stand against us? Christ is our Advocate! Are we his?

Does God need us? I will leave that on the table but for sure God has chosen to use us. I do know, "healthy people help people" and "hurt people hurt people".

God gave us the gift of eternal life, let's share that treasure and be an advocate on behalf of his love to those searching for truth in our world today.