COLUMBUS - The Cherokee County Conservation District is holding an early sign-up for the Water Resources Cost-Share Program and the Non-Point Source Pollution Control Cost-Share Program. The sign-up is underway and will end Thursday, May 31.

Projects such as waterways, terraces, diversions, stock watering tanks, pipeline, pasture and hayland planting, complete septic systems, lateral lines, and lagoons are eligible for financial assistance. Some of these projects must meet eligibility requirements in order to receive cost-share assistance and no projects can be started until the Conservation District notifies the landowner that their project(s) have been approved for funding, which will be after July 1.

Funding for these programs is provided by the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Division of Conservation through appropriations from the Kansas Water Plan Fund and will be available after July 1.

For more information about these cost-share programs, please call Paul Bone at the Cherokee County Conservation District at (620) 429-3013 ext. 304 or come into the Conservation District’s office located at 300 E. Country Rd., Columbus. Office hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Those needing information can also contact Paul Bone via email at