Weston Cafe is a great place to bring the family, door sign reads: No shoes, no shirt, no bottoms, no service! Get fully dressed (including your britches) and head on down to the Weston and order the famous Weston combo, which includes a fully dressed hamburger with cole slaw and fries, and cheese if you like. Plenty of seating at 1737 Military Avenue; 620-856-4414 if you want to order ahead or take out. Don and Susan Weston are the owners and son Brad was cooking in the kitchen on my visit, they are looking to hire an additional cook if your hungry for a job.

Sandy Morgan and Jan Harvey were at my table before I sat down. They are personable and professional waitresses, a combination of sugar and spice. At center table a vast host of characters discuss local and world issues daily, solving most early morn. A impromptu birthday party was thrown for Carson. His dad, Sandy and Jan sang happy birthday to the b-day sport.

Jan serves the sugar and Sandy will bring the spice if needed. They delivered my breakfast special, biscut and gravy, two fried eggs, sausage patty, lemon water, country premium buttery spread, and strawberry jam all for $6.25. For historical purposes I sat at table S2, my ticket number was 70054. My official server was Sandy. The Weston has a vast menu and you can take a paper menu with you for home calls. Whatever you got a hankering for, they are ready to feed from Spanish or Western omelets, hotcakes, steak, pork chops and more.

Mane Street Hair Co. wants you to know she is here: Jerzey JoDawn Wilson, seven pounds and 15 ounces. Congratulations Hunter and Jerry!

The three yellow Planet Aid donation boxes have been removed from the Baxter Center just behind McDonalds, also the donation box in front of EL CABRITOS Mexican restaurant is gone.

McDonald's in Baxter still has 20 chicken McNuggets for $5. A McDonald's I visited in Little Rock, Arkansas, last week had gone up to $6.

Kim's Laundromat, Drop off and Dry cleaning service at the Baxter Center continues to make progress towards its grand opening very soon.

Van's Steakhouse has "Lip Smacking Good Vittles" and they are hiring, my favorite meal is the country fried steak, it filled my tummy.

Ray & Steve's Car Wash was filling potholes last week and making lighting improvements, full report next week. I had a nice chat with Steve.

The Baxter State Bank is getting a new roof, 1401 military Avenue, since 1905, I enjoyed viewing the old safe just outside the front door.

Now hiring for a part-time position in the bakery/deli department at Marvin's Savers Club. See Cathy Brundige for more information and a application, must be 18 or older.

Salt still on the sidewalk over the weekend at our Park Avenue post office, now spring has sprung and it's time to mow and garden soon.

Happy 2nd birthday Ellie Sophia Adams, we all love you!

Your media representative toured the Fire and Police stations recently, please support our Baxter Springs Fire Auxiliary and Police Reserves, your cordially invited to attend the first annual "Back The Badge" BBQ fundraiser event, April 28. Get on site early at American Bank parking lot 1201 military Avenue cause at 10:30 a.m. the food is gone.

These groups consist purely of volunteers and they give to our beloved community, they rely solely on donations, let's help them help others. Donations will be used to help cover expenses occurred in training, equipment, educational materials, maintaining equipment and fire/rescue incidents. Find them on Facebook. When you need them they will come find you. These fine folk are doing God's work. They deserve our respect, prayers and support. We are all part of the "blue family." I am blue! Are you? Keep Sheriff David Groves, Undersheriff Terry Clugston, and team in your thoughts and prayers.

Last Friday I purchased the very first ticket to the "I Can Only Imagine" film at the historic Ritz Theatre, 1145 Military Avenue. I attended the 2 p.m. Friday evening matinee, and was seated on the deck with owner Ron Pucket. I'm glad it was dark as I cried a 5-gallon bucket of tears at the movie. Mr. Pucket told me he is not a emotional man by nature but fought back tears, I will have a full report next week. I paid $6.50 for the ticket and used $10 dollars in tissues. I love the group Mercy Me and I love you Amy Grant, go see the movie.

I ate a yummy pine-cone at the Donut Palace this week in my on-going research. I got 10,000 things to do but I'm plum wore out from writing to you! I'm gonna go lay in my feather bed a spell. Thank you dear reader for meeting me here each week for a visit, invite a friend to join us. Visit youtube.com and search Duane Lyon, The Leaf poem.