I traveled to a far, far, away land

Once upon a time!

And one happy day in Canada!

I had some extra time

In a very mystical city named "Morden Manitoba",

I walked into a busy thrift store

And there he was sitting on the floor

As I silently stood in the crowded door


Now who in the world would want a purple bear?

He took-- some really strange looks!

Sitting there, surrounded by worn Library books

His purple nose rose from his face

He looked so different from the other animals and bears

Kinda out of place

Didn't anyone really care?

For the oddly lonely purple bear

I pondered where did that bear come from?

Why is he by himself?

And not on a shelf!

I glanced at colored pencils, darboards, bunnies and bouncy balls

I gandered at lions, dogs, cats and clowns

Giraffes and puppets both small and tall

Searching both up and down and all around!

I walked a full store circle

Then I reached way down to the ground

And picked up the long nosed bear that was purple!

Since I was in a German Thrift Store

I thought maybe his name was Merkel

Our eyes became strangely in range

And some thought it mighty strange

I was chatting with a purple bear!

I just didn't take time to care

My shopping cart I did rearrange

As I hastily made the exchange

And in the exchange!

I was most glad to trade a orange polka-dot tie

For a now glad purple bear!

No matter what others thought

My new used best friend seemed uniquely beautiful to me!

So him I bought very merrily nearly for free

Then I brought him back to Tennessee

I just left purple bear as his name

He loves to produce video's

And play board games

As I tickle his perfect purple nose

Now purple bear is never blue, he loves to learn something new,

How about you?

He has become quite popular with boys and girls around the world!

Yes he is a good bear, he believes in Jesus too!

And he never forgets to pray,

Soooooo! glad I reached way down to the ground on that beautiful Canadian day!

Yellow, Red, Brown, Black, Purple or White we are all precious in God's most Holy sight!