First Baptist Church teamed up with Star-Lube Auto Express for their second annual "April Free Oil Change Outreach Event." Pastor Jeffrey Paul Street "Pastor Jeff", his beloved wife Lisa Lynn Street, sons Daniel James, and David Paul were all on hand.

Here is the program: you pull up and Bud "Buddy" Martin greets you with a big welcome and smile. When you tell him you need a oil change he announces for this one day a year it's free. Numerous folk were in a state of unbelief at Buds words as it is well known he has a bit of Mark Twain in him.

They quickly became believers as Pastor Jeff came up with a nice smile, reassuring hand shake and a First Baptist church air freshener.

As they sat down Bud announced seats were 25 dollars that special day. Same with the 25 dollar cookies! 48 people took advantage of the program last year, 35 this year.

Pastor Jeff read a magazine article some years ago where a church held similar events and would actually change the oil at the church. As he considered all the oil filters, oil grades etc., the good Pastor knew the church parking lot was a no-go. Bud Martin and team stepped up to the plate and it's a win! win! Thanks pit-crew, Mike, Chuck, Scott, Neal, and Nate.

One young man came by bloodied and upset at his present life circumstances, he received a free oil change and more importantly Pastor Jeff prayed with him. The young man was definitely touched by God, afterwords Pastor thinking out loud said this young man is exactly why we do this. Thank you Jesus for the kind people of First Baptist church for sponsoring this outreach.

I wholeheartedly agree with Pastor Street, we must take Jesus to the streets of our city, going where people are, not waiting for them to come to us. Luke 14: 21- 23.

I recently attended sunday service at First Baptist. Pastor Jeff brought the message, "Don't Doubt, Believe". A baptismal service was also held. Congratulations Aryian Lawson, Jared Moran, Izzy Morris. A beautiful baby was dedicated, Dotti Marie Pritchard, keep this angel in prayer. Keep our military in prayer, Jake Edmondson (Marines) Cameron Birdsong (Afghanistan), Doug Harper (Navy) Israel Duane Lyon (Airforce). Ron Rhoades walked in the door nearly 17 years ago on Pastor Jeff's first sunday in the pulpit. He faithfully serves as a greeter today, thanks for the welcome brother Ron.

Quirky news: Yes I did ride the elevator at First Baptist as I pledged after riding the repaired elevator at Johnston Public Library, joining the club of the few who have rode both elevators. Today I rode the "Somewhere In Time Antiquities", freight elevator 1041 Military Ave, thank you Sean Ryland.

I also toured the secret room behind the elevator. One hour later I rode the Baxter Springs Coop one man elevator to the tip-top of their tallest grain bin. Thank you Manager Jeff Karsten for making me the only human alive that has rode four elevators within the city limits of Baxter Springs! When I visited FBC the first thing I asked was to ride the elevator, my guide had never ridden it. I rode down and walked up. Pastor told me a funny story on how it got stuck at a especially inopportune time once. I will let him tell you.

What a view! I saw swimming pools I didn't know existed, the top of the Fire Station and ATEC Steel. I walked all the way around the cylinders on the upper deck. When I came off the elevator I felt dizzy with joy having this record. This will be fact checked by Guinness and local historians, medal ceremony to be announced.

Would you like a free Farmers Almanac for 2018, need garden seed? Farmer Coop Association will meet your need, at 1005 ottawa.(620-856-2365).

If the lift chair at the the Baxter Springs Heritage Center and Museum counts that will be a unprecedented five elevators in Baxter! Now we are getting into Michael Phelps territory! Technically it's a one man elevator without the cage. Guinness ain't just handing out "everybody wins" ribbons, fact checking is first and foremost! Records are made to be broken! Good luck and God-speed everybody!

I went by the Johnston Public Library and parked on the west side and discovered a door open. It was to the elevator, I initially rode from the lobby of the Library to the second floor. I did not know it went to the ground and you could exit near the book drop box outside. I quickly jumped on the elevator and rode out the cycle before the haters found out and I got busted on a technicality. Linda Fitzpatrick will confirm my visit on the before mentioned historic record breaking day. The Library also has WIFI.

News bites: City pool has been drained,... leave your non-perishable food bag by your mailbox May 12 for the 26th annual letter carriers food drive, they will deliver to a local food bank,...First Baptist Church of Crestline celebrating 130 years as a church at 2:30 p.m. on May 6, with the Goulds in concert, Pastor is Paul Duncan (30 years).

-- Lyon is a world traveler, writer, folk artist, humorist, preacher, painter and poet that has traveled and written his way through 70 nations of the world. He attended Tennessee Prep. in Nashville and graduated CFNI Dallas, Texas. He lives part-time in Baxter Springs, Kansas.