"Happy Mothers Day"

It was my pleasure and honor to read two of my poems recently at the pre-opening event at the Empire Market, 931 E. Fourth St. in Joplin. Open Mic. Poetry night was held April 26, and the Poet Laureate of Missouri, Aliki Barnstone Ph.D. who also serves as a Professor, Department of English, University of Missouri was in the house.

On a personal level, Professor Barnstone is extremely generous with her time and a very kind person. No wonder she was appointed by former Governor Jay Nixon as only the states 4th poet laureate and the first woman! She read several personal selections and a couple of a dear friend. I learned a lot from this rare and special person. She teaches English and creative writing at the Columbia campus. I need to sign up as I presently write and speak in 'Hillbillyenglish'!

Julie Ensor read Laura Riding's "Incarnations" during the reading as part of National Poetry Month. I read "As I plow" and "Will You". I wrote both of these poems last month. What a honor to have Professor Aliki in the audience. Many other poet's participated. Thank you Connect2Culture, Post Art Library and Pub Hound Press.

Birthday buzz! Joyce Keith, Stephen Keith, and Jan Shafer just had a birthday. Lee Mitchell, Gatehouse employee will celebrate May 12. Happy birthday buzz Darla Oakes and Michelle Cloninger!

Newsworthy note! The first Sunday of July, Pastor Paul Duncan will have served as minister at nearby First Baptist Church in Crestline for 30 years. His father Walter V. Duncan served as pastor prior to him for 40 years. That's a combined 70 years for the father-son team. Pastor Paul's mother served faithfully in the church for many years after her husband Pastor Walter went home to heaven. Pastor Paul's brother is also deeply involved in the church today as a musician. Thank you Duncan family! I attended two services last month at the church. What a group of beautiful people.

Eat-in in Baxter! A bit ago I had a overpowering hankering for some hotcakes and I went to the Weston's Cafe. Cindy was cooking in the kitchen and I sent word these hotcakes are gonna be in the newspaper. They warmed my syrup separately and soon set a plate down. I thought the cakes will be out soon. In Helsinki, Finland's train station that's how they serve you, same in Germany and Norway. Best hot-cake eating in the world is in train stations all over Europe. Well was anyway. I finally looked closer and my pancakes were the plate! I tore into the wagon wheel sized hotcakes and was I glad I only ordered two. Half way through the second cake I thought I might tap out. Still with pride on the line I pressed forward and down went the Johnny cakes. Back in Kentucky after cakes get so big they receive a name. Now don't go to the Weston on Sunday for cakes, they are in church. The other six days tell-em Duane Henry sent you for some wagon wheels!

After recently visiting Bud at Star Lube I ended up wandering over to the Palace for a pine cone. It's my favorite donut. They have monthly specials! We are trying to get his brother-in-law to bring a box over but so far all we "gettin" is hunting stories!

Apostolic Faith Bible College Baxter Commencement week May 8-10, call 856-3283 for information.

Lorenzo W. Pittsley lV Postmaster Baxter Springs told me the Post Office joined the chamber of commerce. Buy stamps in Baxter!

Baxter SEKMA Thrift Shop and Pantry has had a new director since October. Dana Rozell is very personable and I had the privilege of touring the entire facility including the warehouse where the food is distributed. She cares about each person and treats everyone with dignity and respect. I like Sister Dana and wish her all success in her efforts.

Modern Jewelry says give a gift that lasts forever. I took my wrist watch downtown and they had it ticking with a brand new battery. Engraving is free when you make your purchase in house. Shop local when you can! Thanks Beth Cullum for 30 years of service 1988 to 2018, wish you 30 more. Her beloved father Les Broyles served the public at Modern from 1949-1987. These folk at Modern are professionals you can trust! They been here a spell and are planning on staying!

COW-NEWS in cow town!-Farmers CO-OP 1005 Ottawa Baxter has Molasses Tubs for sale. Its recommended (1) tub for every 25 to 30 cattle in areas where cattle graze. When I was a lad in Jordan, Kentucky, we visited the cows next door and helped them eat the molasses in the metal tanks which had rollers they licked. Well it didn't kill us. Farmers Almanac are free at Farmers CO-OP. The Almanac has alot of information such as Riddles, Puzzles, and Brainteasers on page nine. A spinach enchilada recipe, spinich polenta pie and healthy tropical green chocolate chip cookies recipes on page 16 and 17. The free Almanac also has the fishing calendar on pages 22 and 23. The book is chalked full of interesting things and so is the store. Jeff Karsten is the manager.

The blue Baxter pool by the school is full of water and looking so cool. I want to encourage local churches to sponsor needy youth within their congregations with a season pass to the pool. Its a great value and investment in the kids. Swimming is fun and concessions have great hotdogs yummy in the tummy.

Visit youtube.com and search Duane Lyon "As I Plow" and "California Dreaming" to view these two newly posted poems. Let's visit again next week! I enjoy our time together. "Fate follows the fearless."

-- Lyon is a world traveler, writer, folk artist, humorist, preacher, painter, and poet that has traveled and written in 70 nations of the world. He has published poetry world-wide and is a graduate of CFNI Dallas, Texas, and attended Tennessee Prep. School in Nashville. Lyon lives part-time in Baxter Springs, Kansas.