'Golden Sledgehammer' ceremony and parade planned for this Saturday

BAXTER SPRINGS - Stop what you're doing and write this date down: Oct. 12, 2018.

That's when Decades of Wheels will celebrate it's grand opening weekend in historic downtown Baxter Springs. The official announcement was made on Saturday, and already the excitement around town is palpable.

Decades of Wheel's David Hickmott has been keeping a tight lip about the details so far, but promises an epic weekend that Baxter residents won't soon forget. Anticipation has been surging through the community, as a few details and plenty of rumors have been circulating.

Here's what we know for sure

Decades of Wheels recently purchased almost the entire west side of the 1100 block of Military Avenue. The main feature will be a truly one-of-a-kind car museum boasting a number of famous cars from films.

"We're going to have 30 cars, of historical significance, on display at all times, and that inventory is going to rotate every 30 days out of a much larger collection, so there's always going to be something new to come see," Hickmott said. "There's going to be live music, a full restaurant, a bistro, craft beer, an indoor go-kart track, and more. It's really going to be the sort of place the whole family can come and spend time. A little bit of something for everybody."

Hickmott said there will be several well-known, internationally touring bands that will be performing during the grand opening weekend, but wasn't at liberty to announce who just yet.

In the mean time folks can keep up with the latest revelations from Decades of Wheels on their Facebook page, or at decadesofwheels.com. The website even features a countdown to the big moment when the doors finally open to the public.

"Golden Sledgehammer"

Construction is expected to kick off on May 19, with a special "golden sledge hammer" ceremony and ground-breaking event courtesy of Baxter Springs Mayor Randy Trease.

"We will be having A bit of a mini parade," said Hickmott. "We’re going to leave Miami at about 12, drive up to Baxter, we’ll arrive at about 1. The mayor is going to swing a golden sledgehammer at a wall to mark the start of construction."

Cars in the parade will include ECTO-1 (Ghostbusters), Batmobile, Mystery Machine (Scooby Doo), Herbie the Love Bug, the Hippie van, The General Lee, vintage police cars, vintage Cadillac, a Dodge Demon, the Back To The Future DeLorean, and The A-Team van.

-- Jordan Zabel is the managing editor for the Cherokee County News-Advocate. He can be emailed at jzabel@sekvoice.com.