This week I want to chat a bit about art. At 438 East 9th Street in Baxter Springs, two artists dwell in a six level art house. The Chappell's will be married 26 years July 23, and are really neat and creative souls.

When I was offered a tour of the home I knew art overload was just past the yard full of Easter egg colored rocks. The retired roofers really love each other and are a match made in color wonderland.

Their is a small platform on the double stairway. If you count it this is a seven level house. The big shocker is how large and roomy the home is. When I first pulled up to ask if I may snap a picture of the rock garden I thought of the rock dwelling as a cottage similar to one's I visited on Mount Hermon in northern Israel or in the hilltops of Sweden!

The mixture of aqua colors and Jamaica green on adjoining walls adds to the wow factor. In his man-cave is the hot wheels room, as I call it. From floor to ceiling literally he wall-papered the room with cars in the box.

Then their is the Marilyn Monroe bedroom with the high a-framed ceiling. Exit the second story bedroom right out onto a breathtaking balcony absent a side-rail to the left on purpose. It has the feel of a lover's leap cliff. I felt like jumping off with my eyes closed.

Every room has a special vibe of its very own. Glass-wares galore, collectibles everywhere. I dreamt of a art studio of my own here, barbecuing on the balcony, star and sunrise watching! This house screams creativity. "Go in a regular Joe and come out Picasso!" How about a permanent art vacation. Also on cool nights I would sleep on the balcony. Yes I would bring my own feather bed, hint-hint!

Okay, back to Earth and the yard. Stars, hunks of beautiful glass, colored rocks another artist paints for them, hanging baskets, windmills, butterflies, tables, benches, statuettes of people and don't forget the squirrels and much, much more! The rock house is right on the corner of 9th and Washington. It was covered in vines when they purchased it, a hidden treasure.

Both artists have on-going projects and futures plans as well as wish list. Dear sister has a surgery coming up, keep "The Chappell's" in prayer.

Speaking of art, visit and search Duane Lyon Art Chat (part 1-6) for a vast range of folk art talk including local subjects. I recommend start on (part 6) for local art chat!

We will have more local home tours coming up as your media representative has numerous invitations.

Let me say my Baxter Springs record breaking five elevator rides still stands. I do know at least one private home has an elevator, and the old J.C Penny does. I do love the number seven..

Jessie-rue purchased a vintage orange drink at "Somewhere in Time Antiquities" on Military Avenue last week. She commented how neat the store is. Have your noticed their special blue night lighting? Also check out Monarch Pharmacy's night lights!

Quick news bites, Johnston Public Library had the book drop box painted last Tuesday, no one remembers when it was last painted, so let's put this into the history files, the library dropbox was painted May 8, 2018

June 1--July 31 every Monday at 2 p.m. is movie day at our library...I saw Dona K. eating a pine cone from the Donut Palace... the city pool is full of water and the ropeline is in, boys restroom is fixing to get a paint job...all school reunion coming up June 9, sponsored by Baxter Springs Alumni Association 417-438-1402 for info...Galena Days- May 30-31--June 1-2...Lions Youth Basketball Camp questions? 918-277-9172, thanks Coach Alan Hibler...Go Lions!...Thank you Dr. Anthony J. Greenwood, D.D.S. for 35 years of service, rest in peace.

Commencement exercises for Apostolic Faith Bible College Baxter Springs took place May 10. Congratulations graduates: Kaylan Caldwell, Zachary Allen Frost, Victoria Harbour, Jose L. Hernandez, Jordan T. Johnson, Austin Laubach, Derrick A. Mashburn, Haylee Jo Miesner, James A. Owings, Jarod Philip Paul Shafer, Sekka Ranae Singleton, Alexandra Ellaine Tennant, and Trishten Wilkinson.

(2 Timothy 1:13) God bless all the 2018 graduates, have a safe summer!