We need more lite news so here goes, I snapped the fox photo with my Samsung in our beloved Baxter a couple of weeks ago. Two long-tail fox babies were living in a culvert on E 10th street in the dip just before you enter Kiwanis Park at the 1959 Girls Scout building entrance. I even saw moma one day!

Freeman Health Systems Hospital has a sign posted in the Layne Electric Company Outpatient laboratory waiting room within the Gary and Donna Hall Tower, Joplin that reads: Please don't lie on the floor or stretch out on the furniture. Please leave appliances, such as toasters or hot rollers, at home. If you're going to stay overnight, please register at the nurses station and obtain a visitor's sticker.

Now your media representative noted they said please three times on the posted waiting room guidelines placard. As a writer I read everything that comes in my eye's sight, and always seek ways to say more with less words. Freeman friends I suggest a simple "No Camping" sign would suffice and cover all bases. The word appliances is overly broad and doesn't cover suntanning beds or iceboxes. Thank you for your consideration, the tower has a great meditation chapel with free bibles and Words of Comfort CDs by Chaplin Brian Moomey.

Lastly if you continue to allow camping 'please" reconsider the toaster ban, I love morning brown toast with a bit of honey-butter or a covering of grandmother's strawberry jam to kick off a fruitful day. Plus toast is a budget saver with rising medical costs. Please let's work together.

Behind the Baxter Fire Department across the alley are two signs mounted on the back of the opposing building that are rarely read. Folks wanted them read or they wouldn't have went to the expense and time to post them. The orange and white sign reads, Speed Queen The Laundry Specialist, the blue and white sign reads, Amana Energy Saving Appliances-Westco! Just drive down the alley by Sonny's Barber Shop for a good view. Kim's Baxter Washateria update soon!

Did you know a full gym is on top of the police station? It's loaded with exercise machines, weights and a punching/kick bag etc. Don't go running up the stairway to the second floor to get your workout on, it's for police and firefighters only. If you're trapped in a burning house or need someone to wrestle your neighbors to the ground you will be thrilled they have a gym. Yes I toured the gym. On when and who my guide was, I plead the 5th. Loose lips sink big ships!

Look and love the four lime green art tires at 239 E 10th street leaning on a whiskey barrel. If this catches on no one will be paying Bud at StarLube to dispose of their oldies-but-goldies tires. Those old tires aren't trash, they are works of art! Need tires, see Bud!

More mostly unread signs at 230 west 13th street. A building adjoined to the Baxter First Assembly of God activity center complex has a sign on the back side that reads Clydesdale Xing. Up front is a very large sign that's still in the shipping crate that reads "The Mother Road Steakhouse and Grill, Historic Route 66." The good people at First Assembly would love you to visit.

I have spent a goodly amount of the last two winters in Florida. I'm always mused by signs at a nearby condominium complex. Side by side they sit on the lake bank. One reads alligators present! The other reads no swimming! Really, with the rising cost of maintenance fees this is clearly a waste of the condo owners money. Protest!

I attend a neighborhood Lutheran Church when in Florida, as I enjoy attending services where I live which cuts back on reasons to skip! Still I feel somehow the offering plate money is also being wasted. We have two signs at our church pond. One reads alligators present and the other reads no fishing. More redundancy. It's also offensive to me their is nothing in braille. This is outrageous!

True Value receives three or four calls or visits a week asking how much the trampoline out front is! They don't sell them. It's been 25 years since they sold them. That's an old display and the boss said it's staying! Its art! They do sell roller skate keys for 15 cents. They have sold one in 15 years. These keys have art project written all over them. Visit youtube.com and search "Duane Lyon priceless pop bottles" this is art chat seven.

Farmers Coop sells oyster shell for your chickens. Just throw the pellets in with your regular feed, it builds strong eggshells, Yummy!

They also sell local honey for you to eat from the JC Honey Farm Columbus, not the chickens. Don't forget to pick up molasses tubs for your cows.

Inspiration on loan from on high, down here below, warm regards!

-- Duane H.H. Lyon is a world traveler, writer, folk artist, humorist, preacher, painter and poet that has traveled and written in 70 nations of the world and 47 U.S. states. He has published poetry world-wide and is a graduate of CFNI Dallas, Texas, and attended Tennessee Prep. School in Nashville, Tennessee. Lyon lives part-time in Baxter Springs, Kansas.