In three years I have put 75 thousand miles on my car. My new car is not so new anymore. Being a missionary is a great privilege, I've experienced and celebrated great joys with people around the world. The flips-side is I also shared in tremendous grief with those in my travels.

Recently as I left a community a four lane highway had come to a near-standstill.

As I slowly drove by the highway accident I noticed the police were on scene but the ambulance had not yet arrived. Still more alarming was their was no rush on location.

Then I noticed a blanket covering someone along the pavement. That someone was someone's daughter or son, someone's brother or sister, someone's mom or dad, someone's uncle or aunt and someone would soon receive a life altering phone call. The fact the deceased were from another country on vacation in America only complicated the horrific tragedy further.

The dear one lying covered on the asphalt would now live only in the hearts, photographs and memories of those left behind. They would no longer age, the deceased would not attend anymore picnics or class reunions, they wouldn't have any more birthday parties. No new photos would be posted on Facebook. They were ageless. Babies in the family would now pass them in time. The world would race on.

Friends I encourage you to send those flowers, share that I love you, mail that letter, say that "I'm sorry" because one phone call can change it all forever. You could be racing for the phone in great anticipation of hearing your loved ones voice on the other end, only to discover their earthly journey had come to an early end.

Jeremiah 33.3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

God will show you strength you didn't know you possessed and love you didn't know existed when you need him most, just ask. Would you pray for someone?