Psalms 37:7 reads in part, "Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him." With the placement of the ghost bike in our area recently I began to ponder the busyness of everyday life due to all the activities we are all involved in. Rat-race is a slang word used in New York city to describe the daily grind.

The rat-race has come to small town America. I see it everyday in my rear view mirror. I drive five to 10 miles an hour under the speed limit which is not a crime. It's just my style. At times folk really ride my bumper as if suddenly I will wake up and drive 10 miles an hour over the speed limit as many around me do which is a ticketable offense.

I am an artisan, and it's important to me to remain creative and that means no rushing. Beauty is all around us if we take time to view it. God is beautiful and all he has created is beautiful. Their is beauty in simplicity. Has America lost some of her beauty, her simplicity? I do believe that technology has sped things up and not all for the good.

A business that has a delivery service recently shared with me their driver often just pulls over because of extreme tailgaters.

The reason I drive slower is because I know the rush living in the mind of those riding my bumper is living in many of those right outside my front windshield. Rush, rush, rush! and to what end and cost?

Where are they all going in such a rush a friend asked me excitedly. Emergency do arise, but I believe the rat-race is due to the lack of peace in a frantic world in need of peace. Grandmother used to say, take time to smell the roses grandson.

Over the weekend I traveled out of state and on a four-lane an accident happened. Two detours were set up and then in the rush two more accidents happened. Please don't rush or wish your life away or someone else's, I like earth, don't rush off to heaven just yet! What's the hurry?