COOP, Baxter Springs old sign gets a new look as employee Brennan Seitz rolls on the white paint. He is a truck driver with Farmers Cooperative Association. Lane "L2" Rathjen who is normally the fertilizer man was pulling forklift duties lifting Brennan high in the blue sky. Jeff Karsten is the location Manager and shared how the sign formally stood back near the old store sight on Ottawa, but as driving patterns changed over the decades it was placed out on 12th near Kemp Veterinary Hospital. Jeff told me plans are to put a new electronic message sign in place of the landmark sign and bring the old one back to the store.

Across the street from the old COOP sign the view is changing. KEY Construction,Tri-State building, Rouse Sheet Metal, Afton Air & Lights to name a few are working like they are planting corn and soybeans, and rains on the way at KMT WATERJET. Three weeks ago I was out that way and seven concrete trucks were backed in before 7 a.m. These folk are serious. Thank you and God Bless KMT WATERJET. Slow-down out that way as it is congested with heavy construction underway. Lots of equipment and workers are on foot. Currently they are installing all the duct work for the heating and cooling. Soon they gonna be under roof and out of the sun. Don't forget your sunscreen fellas.

Baxter City Hall 1445 Military Avenue has a new electronic message board. It was installed last week. The tree between there and State Farm is going to get a trim job, as it is blocking drivers view from reading the messages. My source will remain anonymous! We receive these exclusive news tips because our lips are sealed. I go on site and most folk are interviewed and don't know it until the ink is dry. This saves on signoffs and paperwork thus saving time and trees. Just know we are doing our part.

Young folk are enjoying the summer heat which is above normal reaching 99 last Friday. The fun in the sun is on at the Baxter city pool!

Pool Manager Amy Wilson and pool committee/city council member Sherri Howey re-certified as life guards for the season recently. Teresa Arnall and Hanna White are assistant managers at the Baxter city pool.

Purchase a season pass for $50 and then each additional family member pays only $15. Rent the pool any night it's not booked for $125 and throw your own party. Call for guidelines 620-202-0289. The reopening was a grand success with 100 youth showing up on day one. Three to 12 years old is $2 dollars admission daily, 13 and up, $3 dollars daily.

Special "dive-in" nights are under consideration, nothing like a swim and a Jaws movie! Hot dog they sell hotdogs for a dollar, add cheese or chili for 50 cents or both for a dollar. Frito chili pie is $1.50, pretzels $2, add cheese for 50 cents.

Under frozen treats enjoy drumsticks or pickle juice. They have soda pops for a dollar and bottled water plus sweet ice tea. Under candy items they have Sour Straws, Laffy Taffy, Skittles, Rings Pops, Gold Fish, Snickers bars, Reese cups, and more!

Pool Manager Amy shared she would like to art the pool building up and have the local high school students paint the entire facility with a ocean/sea theme. Amy what a great idea! No wonder you are the manager!

I watched local youth Gage "The Prince" Piper pull off a double front dive and Rickey Tolbert aka "King of Backflips" showed me why he wears the crown. Drive-up and park a spell and you will see how much the youth enjoy the pool. Consider sponsoring some of your neighborhood or church youth for the season. If 10 people or churches sponsored 10 kids each that would put 100 kids in the pool and 5,000 dollars in the pool fund. Love it or lose it! Love is going to cost some dollars. Alright I'm getting off my soap box, it just means so much to the kids! Thank you Mayor and Baxter Springs officials for supporting the pool. Gold medal and God Bless each and every one of you!

Read the hand written marker board on the pool building front window for hours on aqua-size, daycare swim and upcoming swim lessons, also updates about night swims, etc.

I refuse to drop names and I'm tired of bragging about me. Someone once wrote a letter to a former editor of mine and said they should rename my weekly column Me, Myself and I. They even suggested these were my three favorite subjects. Well being a preacher, politicia,n or a newspaper correspondent requires thick skin, I have been all three at the same time and even attempted on being my own lawyer a time or two.

Visit and search "Duane Lyon Ghost Bike" to watch one of 18 new devotionals I have posted! Warm regards. See you at the blue pool by the school!