TOPEKA — If a vehicle driver of legal age is living in your household, make sure your auto insurance company knows that.

That’s the advice of Ken Selzer, CPA, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance, following an informal insurance department review of recent vehicle policies issued by insurance companies.

“Language in some recent auto policies excludes coverage for a loss that occurs when the vehicle is being operated by a driver, residing in your home, that should—but is not—listed on your vehicle insurance policy,” said Commissioner Selzer.

Because policies vary according to company, the Commissioner urges those with vehicle insurance to check with their local agents to get the correct information for their situations.

“I urge that all vehicle policy owners report all drivers in the household to their companies or local agents,” Commissioner Selzer said. “It might increase your insurance premiums, but it might save you dismay and dollars down the road.”

The Kansas Insurance Department, established in 1871, assists and educates consumers, regulates and reviews companies, and licenses agents selling insurance products in the state. More about the department is online at or at