Jessica Grace Lyon, one of Baxter Springs newest and fairest firefighters and I enjoyed a private concert performed by the Baxter Springs High School Drum Line outside the Johnston Public Library after the main event inside was complete. These young people rock and I asked if they would play us out as they marched to their cars. They set up shop and wowed us and then beat out a second tune as they marched. "Go Lions!"

The neighborhood musical was enjoyed by all who trickled from their abodes as the street noise called them to the impromptu concert. The Library has on-going programs including a musical talent search and a summer fun challenge! (620)-856-5591 for info.

Speaking of in the Library neighborhood, Baxter Chapel has a new pastor. Brother Cody Harris is a former student and Dean of Men 2018 of the adjoining Apostolic Faith Bible College. His older brother Brian Harris is the new superintendent of the college and has served as an instructor. Matthew Harris another brother has served as an instructor also.

Thank you brother Bill and sister Rhonda Waggoner for seven years of faithful service. Brother Bill served in both offices and was an instructor. Sister Rhonda served as an instructor and taught numerous classes. My twins both graduated college under their leadership; Jessica was on campus four years and Rebekah Hope Lyon two years. They both went on foreign mission trips including Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, as well as state-side in West Virginia. Jesse-Rue and her brother Israel have also been to Haiti with me. God bless the Waggoners in their future service unto God. They are really special people. I love you brother Bill and Sister Rhonda. You will be missed in Baxter Springs! The Waggoners are moving back to Arkansas awaiting their next assignment.

I was swimming Friday and could see Bud's Star Lube Auto Express Care Center from the pool and then remembered I need my 'every 5,000 thousand miles' oil change. I love to visit because I enjoy the carnival atmosphere and to hear words strung together for the first time in history by Bud the Colonel Tom Parker/Don King of Baxter.

On one visit the boss from Van's Steakhouse was in the chat circle. We were all talking about the amount of donuts being sold at the palace where you're crowned king by just showing up.

I had the big idea that Bud could reward every customer who purchased a oil change with a donut, and then I tried to sell the boss at the steakhouse on the idea of giving everyone who spent $100 in one sitting a can of pork-beans. I borrowed this idea from a house-trailer company in Indiana. My friend now in heaven, Bob Wolford, sold the houses on wheels. Every time a sale was made a bell was rang and all the sales associates cheered like home fans would when Stephen Curry hit a half court 3-pointer or LeBron James had just dunked to win Cleveland another championship. Then after the ink was dry the new home-on-wheels owner received as a parting gift a can of pork and beans.

The potential buyers toured model homes decked out to the maximum with Hollywood furnishings and landscaping galore. Did I mention a water fountain with goldfish and even a puppy for the kids. This created a risk when the "I will last 17 years deals on wheels" was delivered in two parts in a newly plowed yard with the power pole in the wrong spot.

Once when Bob was close to selling, almost reaching for the bell as a three-days-ago customer waddling in, stood white as a ghost at his cubicle. Bob sheepishly ask can I help you? The man said yes, you forgot to give me my pork-n-beans. Relieved, they got his beans and rang the bell for him a second time as a make-up with all the hooping and hollering thrown in again! Can't remember if the fellar' in the hot seat bought a ready made house or not.

I laughed like I was hearing the story for the first time even though I was telling it for the ninety-ninth time. From then on I kept pushing the donut for every oil change idea on Bud. He couldn't stop chattering about the pork and beans idea I had pitched for Van's Steakhouse. Once a idea is born in Bud's brain you might as well move along, he ain't a changing. I pitched an idea for Kim's washateria also, "Donut Day at the Laundromat." Inspire an idea and then write it about and take some credit to boot. Hard to get all the politician blood drained out of oneself.

Happy June birthday Tessa Newberry and Sandy Sanders! Our newspaper buddies.

Warm regards, visit and search Duane Lyon "He" poem to view a poem about God.