Advance America has a brand new colorful sign on display along Military Avenue. They offer a wide range of services and are planning a back to school event give-away for the upcoming school year in support of our communities beloved youth. Stay tuned for an announcement. Visit Advance America at The Baxter Center next to McDonalds!

I visited King Cash Saver Supermarket at 416 W 12th Street Baxter recently as I love to be a cashsaver on soda pop. This store is clean as a whistle and has the feel of a neighborhood market though it's loaded with deals for the whole town and well stocked for all your families needs. I ain't driving to Joplin with deals like this next door.

Cashiers Kimberly Lewis and Kayla Holstrom are a delightful pair, and besides being professional and efficient, they are a good visit. Kimberly moved from Columbus to Baxter in the 4th grade, and she has been at King Cash Saver for a year and a half. She is the one who calls everyone buddy and she is my buddy.

Kayla has been at the Kings for a year and is very conversational. I don't know who is doing the picking, training, and hiring at King's, but great job!

I ate a belly full of apricots on my most recent visit, well I paid first. Kimberly encouraged me to wash and peel the fuzz off before I ate-em but I didn't make it home as I washed down with a zero coke!

Did you know at King's they have a ATM and a cash for coin machine. You can also refill your Glacier water bottles for 36 cents a gallon, plus 10 percent at the register.

I wanna re-visit them apricots I ate. As a boy in Jordan, Kentucky, population of approximately 30 folk (that's with dogs and cats throwed in), we was always playing along the railroad tracks. Moma was always picking asparagus along them same tracks. That didn't interest my two brothers or sister and me a bit. As a adult I love me some moist asparagus dripping with Land-o-lakes butter laying beside a prime rib.

Now I don't get to eat prime rib a lot, most of the steak I eat now is German bologna, but back in Jordan we ate rag boloney. They pretty much ground up the whole hog and anything else they found laying on the floor. Still, what you was reared on you always end up having a hankering for as you age. Back in Kentucky we did consider baloney country steak.

Let's get back out on the railroad tracks. The one other thing along the tracks that did interest us kids, and unfortunately the abundance of deer, was a large persimmon tree. If they hit the ground, the deer eat-em up. We would usually find a downed limb and knock them out of the tree. Some got lost in the weeds. One of us often climbed up in the tree to retrieve the yummys! A few times in our lust for the once a year treats we ended up with a belly full of green persimmons. You talking about a belly ache, and the sermon from Moma was painful to. She wasn't to fond of us tree climbing right beside the tracks. Well it was a more simple day back then. I'm thinking we need some simple days and ways back! God Bless America and Baxter Springs, Kansas.

Visit and search Duane Lyon Mayberry USA/Duane Lyon Waltons Mountain to hear more simple times talk. Warm regards, writer, world traveler and part-time resident of Baxter Springs!