I'm sure glad the pump is repaired and working well at the city pool so we can all stay cool in the pool. I purchased my season pass for fifteen dollars after Jesse paid fifty for hers. Dad did you plan that she said? I really didn't darling. I had planned a Friday night swim recently and laid down for a short power nap after writing my column. When I awoke from my feather bed power-nap the night swimming had ended the hour before. You're over fifty when your nap last over five hours.

Purchase a season pass and each and every other household member pays just fifteen dollars for their season pass. I will buy first next year sweetie pie.

Baxter City Hall says please don't blow your grass trimmings in the gutters (storm drains), keep up the good work Dawn Reeser.

Since Jessica's/American Bank adopted my Florida money bear, I saw a bank teller with a money tie on and recently at Marvin's Savers Club (IGA) grocer a shopper had on money pajamas. Cash is always king. Marvin's was recently voted number one Supermarket in Cherokee County!

I visited the king of candy men, Steve's Candy in Galena and enjoyed the best licorice I've ever eaten in the 70 countries I have been in. I call it cube licorice and I really went on a sugar high after eating the in-house, hand-home made delightful candy- hand packaged. In two weeks I'm headed back to desirous candy land for more. Every other week I got to have me a pine cone from The Donut Palace. They were recently voted as having the number one biscuit in Cherokee County. I'm afraid to try them as I love me some cat head size biscuits with a pail of white milk gravy. Remember, you're crowned king at the palace by just showing up.

I purchased a nice packet of licorice at King Cash Saver Supermarket recently. These folk are country nice at this grocer!

Last week I went and got me an after hours half price shake at the Baxter Sonic. I told the speaker since it's half price, wag-out the biggest chocolate shake in the house. I kept the cup for a garbage pail, it really was big enough for four people. Still that ain't what I'm wanting to chat about. The speaker girl said would you like whipped topping. That's my word. I call laundry detergent soap powder and a refrigerator an ice box. The cool whip was rich, creamy and thick. The topping in its self was a desert. Time I got it all eat up I had lost count of brain freezes.

Only one time I ate whipped topping that good. I was in Aruba on a mission trip walking sea side and wandered into a strip mall coffee shop. I thought they put icing in my hot chocolate as it's was so thick and creamy. It had the texture of icing of sorts. Well every morning I stopped in for a pit-stop. I'm telling you if it's good, the people will not only come, they will come back again and again. Some how they made the topping in house. I tipped to get seconds. If you can't go to Aruba then head to your hometown Sonic, they are a really close second.

Announcement : Kim's Laundromat is open at The Baxter Center beside McDonald's. Let's pray and support this new business in Baxter! Congratulations Kim we all believe in you.

The Johnston Public Library continues to rock with the national theme "Libraries Rock!" The beautiful Library is full of musical instruments and of course don't bring up rock-n-roll without mentioning the king himself, Elvis. I won't bother with his last name. It is unnecessary. They have a classic album by him on display. I am a member and I love my Library. Good job ladies! Youtube.com search Library's Value Duane Lyon to view my new video!

Jesus Christ is the King of Kings, remember to say a prayer for the families left behind after the tragic shooting of our fellow newspaper people. We are one and we are family.