On an 18-nation mission trip, a dear lady in Romania approached me on the street sharing that 39 years ago her husband had hung himself in their milk barn leaving her with three children to raise alone.

They had no running water in the home and were very poor. Decades of struggle followed her husbands suicide.

She has suffered much and had taken many jobs cleaning homes and caring for the elderly. I hid my tears as she told me the horror of finding her husband dead. She had completely withdrawn from society and left her church. The poor woman had lived in a perpetual state of numbness and pain. It hurts to be around people she told me. I was a stranger and would likely never see her again so she opened up.

No human words could touch her pain. Psalms 141:1- Lord, I call out to you, come quickly to help me. Listen to me when I call out to you. (NIrV) As I shared Gods Word with her for the first time in nearly forty years my friend raised her hands in a public parking lot and uttered three words, "GOD HELP ME!"

Maybe your alone and hurting, God loves you and has counted every tear on your pillow. God desires that you have peace on earth as we wait for our Kings soon return. You don't have to carry the pain anymore, you are not alone. Your King is waiting with open arms, draw near and hope and healing will fill your heart and mind. I perceived my special friend had great compassion for those hurting around her. Her pain would lead to gain in the end. God would now use her to help the least reached. Reach for him and whisper God help me. Your special to God. He lead me to write this note to you. He wrote an entire book for you.The Holy Bible is a life plan.