Wouldn't the world be a rather drab place without flowers! Poet Elizabeth Lindberg wrote in a poem titled "Flower Power" that a flower is a smile from above. All beauty flows from our Creator, my words.

Baxter Springs City employee Tony Weaver is doing a beautiful job caring for the petunias in pots along Military Avenue. Hats off Tony for being a truly consensus and dedicated worker for us and our beloved city. I have seen Mr. Weaver all over town mowing, mopping, cleaning street gutters, cool blue pool by the school working and of course watering and caring for our flowers. I say "our" because this city is ours. Please contribute by not blowing leaves and grass trimmings in the storm drains. Don't litter please! We have a special town, let's maintain our community pride and spirit. Go Lions!

Thank you In The Garden Floral & Gifts, 201 E. 12th st. 620-856-2198, city employees and all the kind volunteers who planted the potted petunias who were special ordered by the Garden. As CCNA employee Dona K. arrived at work last Wednesday she noticed someone had pulled the flowers from the pot in front of the Barrett Law Office. This is not nice and let's pray for the individual responsible. The police were notified of this act of vandalism. Pray for our police, sheriff's departments and families. They are here to serve and protect, let's pray God's protection on them. I support the Blue, please you do to. Thank you!

Thank you city employees for watering and caring for the flowers at the Veterans Memorial. With a 112 heat index and up this is no small task. Recently I know all enjoyed the 22 degree drop in 30 minutes from the porch!

Google "Duane Lyon, Winter Sleep" on youtube.com to cool down a bit. It was produced in Manitoba, Canada, December 2016. I personally experienced temperatures 40 below zero that winter. I used the words flower and power in the poem unaware of Elizabeth's poem. Also view Dream Again.

Tony was on vacation recently and the flowers missed him. He is back and the flowers are back under his tender loving care. Soon the season will change but you can still have fresh flowers winter, spring, summer and fall, they have it all at "In The Garden". They are known for one of a kind beautiful designs, exceptional details and customer service with an extra friendly hometown staff. Shop and dine local when you can!

August birthdays, CCNA Editor Jordan Zabel 16th, Duane "me" Lyon 9th, Mike Minor 13th, Marlowe Minor 30th.

Happy recent birthday to Jordan Peters, Israel Duane Lyon, Albert Scott, Lisa Berg, and Joanne Cummer.

Happy anniversary to Michael and Kristina Wilson and Mel and Jerri Ann Toews.

Pray for world missionaries Jerry and Cheryl Turner, Terry and Donna Rigsby, Harold and Lillian Groening, "Wycliffe" and Ron and Eunice Wiebe-CEF, "Brazil." Pray for Ethiopia/Eretria peace negotiations. Pray for all the Cherokee County Vacation Bible Schools.

Hello fellow poets, I enjoyed the 1,000 words Poetry & Essays at the Spiva Center For The Arts, 222 West Third St. Joplin, Missouri. I am a proud member of the Spiva Center, check it out, Art is everything, everything is Art!

Got a news bites for me, thestreetpreacherjs@gmail.com, God loves you, me too!

-- Lyon is a world traveler, writer and international poet who lives part-time in Baxter Springs, Kansas.