Baxter Laundry, LLC at The Baxter Center next to McDonalds is up and running, open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week. Last wash is 6 p.m. The Laundry has been open one month now. Happy anniversary!

Regular wash is $2.25 a load, front loaders are $2.75 a load. Dryers 25 cents for ten minutes, this is a really great deal. Are you to tired or lazy to wash, Drop-off service is $1.15 a pound. Need info: 620-304-2050. Plans are in the works for a dry cleaning service. Customer service is a priority at Baxter Laundry, you won't lose your coins, change is delivered by hand, not by machine!

Kim Butler is the executive manager/worker, she worked at the Baxter Dollar Store ten years working her way up to assistant manager and has now been at Marvin's Savers Club three years as an associate manager. Jerry Mitchell is the new manager at Marvin's, he had been working at Lowe's, Joplin. Former manager Greg Campbell is now at Shawne Grocery. Thank you Greg for your years of service.

Rishelle Dunn is the other super employee at Baxter Laundry. She loves her job. You will always have someone to talk to here. If you want to go up-town and shop you can trust your clothes are being washed and watched, Rishelle said. She is a former employee of Red Ball and King Louie, america Baxter.

Kim's Washateria/Laundromat definitely has a coolness-vibe about it. The vintage chalk paint furniture and Jade Sea painted walls set the tone along with the decorative plants, flowers, pots and wash-tubs. A young couple with kids from out of town commented as they washed clothes this is a good place to just come and hang out. Kim is putting the cool and fun back in washing clothes. Another customer strolled in thrilled at the opening, she hadn't heard, please spread the word, no more driving out of town for clean clothes! Shop, dine, swim, wash your clothes and car in beautiful Baxter Springs Kansas. Plan, pray, worship, support, "think local!" and we will all profit. Get on the phone, Facebook, please announce in your Sunday School class and in your local business that Baxter Laundry is open and would most appreciate your business. Let's all join hands and paddle together in the rising tide of prosperity within the Baxter Springs Promiseland.

Off my soap box and back to the washateria, a laundry basket of toys are available for the kids along with coloring pencils and books. The children have a designated corner of there very own. The big people have a XL SANYO color television to watch and magazines to read, also in-house stereo. There are sodas and bottled water for purchase. Snacks for sale include chips and popsicles. Your drink and food snack items will be delivered by loving hands, not a machine. You will feel the love and character in-house. It's old style roomy and both ladies are interesting conversationalist. Check out or post on the Laundry bulletin board!

Coffee is always for-free and for-now so is the soap powder courtesy of Advance America, Kim's good neighbor four doors down at The Baxter Center. The Laundry is next door to the Dollar store and because Kim or Rishelle are always in-house on duty you can step out and do some shopping while your clothes wash.

Convenience and location are not everything, they are "the only thing." Washing clothes like camping makes you hungry! The Rice House Chinese restaurant and McDonalds are just steps away. God loves you, me too! Google Camping Trip, Duane

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