Do you ever feel like life has hung you out to dry, your spinning in the wind like clothes on a line.

A friend told me that her kids left the freezer open and everything was ruined, another received a speeding ticket. I once checked into a cheap motel and when I came out the next day someone had slept on my car and my hood had to be replaced, twelve hundred dollars!

Have you ever been late for an appointment due to heavy traffic or road construction? Ever rushed into a convenience store for a quick cup of coffee and someone is paying with there life's savings from a piggy bank of coins.

At times little things add up and we feel anxious and overwhelmed. At these times if we look around our problems shrink as we see the mountains others face. Just last week a friend told me about two teenagers in love who went three-wheeling. The young man momentarily had a lapse in judgement disregarding common sense and his parents rules.

Fast forward 22 years, the young man is still laying on the same bed where he was placed in his mother's house all those years ago. The girlfriend moved on, and his dear mother left her job to care for her only son full-time paralyzed from the waist down. The mother has suffered as she watched her son suffer. One lapse of judgement in one moment of time meant no college, no wedding, no grandchildren.

Young people think about the guidelines your parents share with you, they are trying to protect you. Parents when your children get in a fender bender or receive a ticket and you think you have problems, think again!

Philippians 4:7, Then God will give you peace, a peace which is too wonderful to understand. That peace will keep your hearts and minds safe as you trust in Christ Jesus. (W.E.-version)