There's a brand new Sheriff at Marvin's Savers Club on Military Avenue, and he is cleaning house, literally. Jerry Mitchell ain't no new kid on the block, with 45 years in the grocery business he is a seasoned veteran.

He has worked in Miami, Joplin, Pittsburg, Fort Scott, Independence, Webb City, Parsons, Columbus, and more. He managed for Marvin's for a total of 10 years previously in Neosho. He also represented Thrift-way, Consumers, and G&W to name a few.

He lives in Lowell and is a lifetime resident of Cherokee County, born in Joplin, Missouri. He has been on duty at his new post just over a month now, first time working at home in 45 years.

Senior Manager Jerry Mitchell is leading a store wide clean-up. He ordered the floors stripped, cleaned and waxed. The windows were professionally cleaned inside and out, every piece of tape removed. The break room and rest rooms were cleaned top to bottom. Meat, dairy and produce areas were extensively cleaned in places the public never sees.

The vents near the ceiling are on a long checklist the new Sheriff has in his cross-hairs.

"Cleanliness is priority, continual housekeeping is essential," Mitchell said. "We check dates and we rotate. We move product in to be moved out in a timely and systematic manner. Our entire team cares and we have a four month makeover strategy in place for the entirety of this store."

Jerry went on to say, "I like people and I enjoy the grocery business."

Breaking news, Marvin's grocer now has samples! I enjoy a cookie or cake sample with my 59 cent can of Yoohoo in the morning. Watch for daily deals, I bought a 24 pack of name brand Diet Coke for $6.99. I purchased a six pack of 16.9 ounce Pepsi in plastic bottles last week! Watch for the mark down cart. I saw some chip dip in jars they were practically giving away.

Notice the wide isles next time your in Marvin's. Why you could run a stage coach either direction! Numerous folk around Baxter town have mentioned to me unsolicited the very noticeable new state of cleanliness at Marvin's. Friends if I don't believe it to be true, I don't write it to you.

News bites, Aug. 18 and Sept. 15 is Cruise night at Monarch Pharmacy, Baxter. Oct. 7 is car show time at Monarch on Military Ave.

Oct. 6 is the 38th Annual Car & Motorcycle Show at The Columbus Day Festival.

I attended the grand opening of the Sugar Creek Diner and Bakery (new owners) in Galena on Aug. 6, and enjoyed a great cinnamon roll on the bakery side. Formerly these good folks ran Angel's On The Route Cafe in Baxter! They love the Lord and have great food.

I ran out of my secret ingredient to looking so young, Jergens ALL-PURPOSE Face Cream, not in the pump, but screw off lid container. Being in media it's important to appear forever young as Rod Stewart sings. 50 years ago my grandmother ran out of Jergens and went to the local drug store and they had stopped carrying the product. She wrote New York cities home office and it reappeared in small town Tennessee the following week. I looked everywhere for the deep cleansing, softening, moisturizing cream and struck out every time. I went to WOLKAR DRUG, 1920 Military and they had the pump. The nice folk went online and they were out of stock. They called out to Brian Caswell, R PH, and looking much like Clark Kent, he walked from the back and pecked around a moment on a tablet and said how many do you want? Brian is cool without trying!

I had told them money is no object, go to the moon and back, whatever! Whatever size! Superman "Brian" said I found the container in your hand, 15 oz., guaranteed here by Aug. 9, which happened to be my 58th birthday.

I went both nights to the rodeo week ago Sunday, and a WOLKAR DRUG sign sits right up front. I ate three hotdogs free at Spring Fling 2018 with hundreds of others all courtesy of WOLKAR DRUG. Happy birthday to me and thanks WOLKAR for the face cream, hotdogs, and support of the rodeo. No bull, these folk are community minded! See ya! next week, God loves you, me too.