Welcome aboard to our new readers, my campaign to worship in every church and eat in every restaurant in Baxter Springs and Cherokee County continues. I made this pledge ten months ago when I accepted the opportunity and challenge of being your informed weekly media representative.

My most recent research led me to the Baxter Springs Smokehouse, 2320 Military Ave. where they are smoking great meats. Dine-in, Take out, and catering for school and family reunions, companies picnics and weddings. They have barbecue and more, and when I say more that's exactly what I mean. They have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...buffet and yes I noticed the deep fried fish. Visit Monday thru Saturday, call ahead 620-856-EATS. The phone number says it all. If you leave hungry, it's on you!

Me and my research associate chose the plate lunch. That's a down-south word. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich, fries with spicy sauce on the side in a squeeze bottle. My loyal research assistant ordered the chopped brisket sandwich and baked beans. We halved the sandwiches and divided the fries and beans. They say beans are really good for your heart. I am still attempting to swim off the gargantuan portion of chocolate cake we were served, we split it and with water and a slice of lemon we stayed within corporate lunch research budget! I do love my job. Someone has to do it, glad it's me.

The Smokehouse does have a vibe, smooth music, a record wall, an album wall, vehicle plate wall, and a really neat wooden pig. It's like dining in a high-end art gallery at a everyday man price.

With 10 booths and two large tables seating is old school roomy and you can gaze while you graze. Thank you owner and boss Christy for the personal welcome and tour. The family has been at this location 14 years now. Previously they traveled selling barbecue at fairs and special events. The family has some California roots, maybe that's why I felt like a celebrity in house. Our servers were Sheena and Beth. Nice, cheerful and artful right along with delightful is the food and staff. I award the Baxter Springs Smokehouse a rare 5 stars, tasty, comfortable, clean with atmosphere and friendly folk.

Sheena (left in the photo) is now serving at a new restaurant in Galena, Sugar Creek Diner and Bakery. Yes I was present for the grand opening on West 7th, formerly 66 Diner best remembered as Norma's Cafe. What a blueberry muffin I researched on the bakery side.

Alan and Cheri McCamey are the new owners and kind people who formerly ran Angel's on the Route in Baxter. I worked for food at Angel's and money at BAGCRAFT in other research projects. I must update all our new readers. In recent visits to St. Joseph Catholic Church, Apostolic Faith Chapel and First United Methodist Church all in Baxter I discovered our readership is growing at a phenomenal rate. Church reports to come. St. Joseph was voted best church in Cherokee County. Hi to member and friend Charlene Hill Stapleton.

Hurry downtown to our office and new subscribers sign up for only $16 a year to receive this award-winning newspaper. Dona is really proud of her great great grand-daughter Baby Marlowe Minor, happy first birthday August 30th sweetie pie! God loves you, me too.

Visit youtube.com and search: "Duane Lyon My Childhood Church". Baxter news bite, contact me at thestreetpreacherjs@gmail.com.