The Red Ball Grill 539 W. 5th Street in historic Baxter Springs, Kansas, is meat slap'n good! Est. 2004, these folk feed. A spell ago I was in Canada and a restaurant had posted a sign that read, "beyond meat". For $7 they would serve you the best veggie burger north of the border. I'm good, no thanks!

Now if you want a tasty ole time greasy hamburger Elvis Presley would cross our beloved rainbow bridge for, then Red Ball has you covered. Cook, Ethan has been working at the restaurant since he was 14 carrying on his Grandpa's family tradition (pictured). He prepared me and my fellow researcher the lunch special off the marker board. A cheeseburger, fries and a diet soda for the paltry sum of $6.89 cents. What-a-value and what-a-burger cooked on the front end of a pick-up truck grill. Yes I did say diet as you have to cut back somewhere, right?

Our server Nicolette, (pictured) who recently moved back from Australia has a smile that would melt the North Pole in 24 hours. They are a friendly sort at Red Ball. She has been an employee since January 2018.

We were seated at a gold padded booth towards the back facing the front door, I've always had a little Jesse James in me Moma said, "back to the wall". Roomy, cozy, and homey is Red Ball. If you care for some round ball they have a nice pool table you can shoot at with your sweetheart in-between bites of your cheese-burger.

I noticed the Tuesday's special is 75 cent wings. They got dogs, fried potato salad, fried pickles, onion petals and onion straws and more. Number 8 on the paper menu caught my eye. It's titled the Four×Four. A huge stack of four burgers and four pieces of American cheese in-between 2 buns, oh yea nothing says USA like a cheese burger heart attack on a napkin.

I wanted and "went to go" even deeper in the menu but went right back to the lunch special on my second visit a week or so ago. "Cheeseburger, fries and of course by diet bubbly refreshing beverage soda easy on the ice please all in the name of research. I love my job and life.

Red Ball makes you feel cool when you walk in, there is a vibe in-house sorta like a hillbilly heaven. They are bringing groovy back. Look up and check out the red push soap box car glued upside down to the ceiling. Now Hillbilly ain't slang from my parts, I was reared in Jordan, Kentucky, and Great Grandma and Moma was born'd in Louisiana. The word Hillbilly is a crown of prestigious honor from my neck of the woods. My twins were born in Wichita so I do have deep roots here in my beloved Kansas, making me a Cowtown Cajun Hillbilly. That may be the first time them three words ever been written in a row.

I'm eatin' that Four×Four on my next visit to Red Ball. Then I wanna get to that Cowtown kicker, The Big Dean, Double Dare Chili burger, Big Chief, and Big Hawaiian burger with grilled pineapples. Eat Local! Save petro!

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