The SEKMA Board of directors has designated September "The Fall Fantastic Food Drive for Cherokee County! The SEKMA Thrift Shop and Food Pantry, located at 140 W 10th in Baxter Springs, has served residents of the county for over 45 years. Throughout the decades generous amounts of food and clothing have been distributed in prayer with love and compassion from this special ministry.

Director Dana Rozell and her beloved son graciously took me on a complete tour of the facility and I was privileged to be present for a family food pick-up. I believe in this ministry full heartily.

The Thrift Shop is open because of volunteers from area churches, businesses, families and caring individuals who donate time and heart to keep the shop organized and stocked. Consider becoming a volunteer as it's fun and rewarding to give. I have purchased numerous items at the Thrift shop. I walk out with a warm feeling each visit knowing not only did I get a bargain, but I was also being a blessing to others. When you go to shop drop off you food or clothes donations and then spend money. This way you are being a double blessing. A good deal is when both parties are happy!

I encourage everyone to do a little something. Once when I asked a large bank if they were interested in my small savings account the banker said yes, "because you fill a blueberry bucket one berry at a time."

Pastor Wes Davis Thrift Shop and Food Pantry volunteer shared with me they are in great need of all types of food items to help fill the pantry for the big 3! holiday season coming up, Thanksgiving, Christmas and News years which is followed by winter.

Listen, this is Duane-talk now, I've headed food drives in Hazzard County (Appalachians) Kentucky. I founded and directed camp-hope post Katrina, the category 5 hurricane in New Orleans and distributed food within the Caribbean island nation of Haiti. Don't make this hard, look in your food pantry, "if you eat it they need it", please go purchase it and donate it. Canned vegetables and meats along with box food like Mac and cheese are easy items to donate and distribute.

Families need our old friends to rejoin us and new friends to join the effort. Churches, businesses, organizations, schools and clubs who would like to collect and be a blessing, please we urge you to give SEKMA a call and get involved. Be a part of this great move of compassion, (you can make a difference one can at a time!) Every can counts to the person in need and remember, hunger knows no season! Don't leave it to others, I encourage you to be the one!

Please drop off your canned goods during Thrift Shop hours, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The mission of SEKMA is to help people, the food is free to those in need and they sell the clothing at greatly reduced rates all in an effort to help good folks who have hit a rough patch.

Call the Thrift Shop at 620-856-4444 for any information you need. Here are some suggested items needed, rice, beans, oatmeal, cans of soup, pasta, spaghetti, can meats, tuna, chicken, and pork.

They need mac & cheese, hamburger helper, cans of fruit and ramen noodle, peanut butter and jelly, powdered milk, sugar, fruit bars, nuts, apple sauce, and pop-tarts. I'm getting hungry just writing this article. Don't forget the box of pancake mix and bottles of syrup!

Thank you Cherokee county for your big heart and to all the wonderful volunteers. Thanks to the SEKMA board of directors for your leadership. Please keep this ministry in prayer. God loves you, me too.

Jesus said in Matthew 25, "For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me." (vs34) "I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me". (vs35)

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