Dear moms, are you thinking about hopping in a hot air balloon and waving goodbye to your present life full of drama and issues.

Considering becoming a Uber driver to cut back on family expenses as you drive those within your household and neighborhood to a brand new school year loaded with various events, sports, band practice, fundraisers and don't forget everyday life, grocery shopping, washing clothes, cleaning house and mowing the yard that your junkyard neighbor may-be secretly spraying with miracle grow. The flowers and garden have not fared nearly as well.

Is your neighbors self-titled field of dreams actually a yard full of unsightly junk. I'm writing for the record that mothers are the most wonderful, kind, thrifty yet underrated and underappreciated people group on planet earth. Chasing down children who race about like Olympians and eat like gladiators is full time alone.

As I'm writing from my borrowed leather lazy boy chair I just watched from a second floor hotel perch a mother come out of a restaurant with an arm load of food to take home. Then she went back in and lead her special needs teenage son down a steep stairway. After assisting him into the car she went back and packed out a knee high granddaughter screaming to the tip-top of her little lungs.

With considerable reflection I believe more than flowers, candy or even a friday night out fish plate Moma needs quiet time, some all alone by herself time to do what she decides helps her rejuvenate.

As a writer I must have time to think, reflect and renew my mind and spirit so I can write in a manner that readers actually desire to read my words and as a bonus maybe draw a little inspiration and giggle a bit.

Being a mother is a calling and appears very difficult. Only moms truly know! Exodus 20:12 and Ephesians 6:1-4, speak about honoring your mother and the reward that comes with that. Mom's work to make our lives better year around, not just once a year. Thank you Super Moms and Thank God for Moms!