The Cherokee County Livestock Improvement Association held their annual dinner and meeting on Saturday March 30th, 2019 at 6 p.m. at the 4-H building in Columbus. The dinner consisting of Chili, coleslaw and many dessert choices was enjoyed by approximately 30 members. The meeting was opened by President Serena Brown. Nancy Herrenbruck secretary/ treasurer read the minutes from the 2018 meeting and went over the Treasures report with the club. 

Under Old Business it was discussed about the past year and the various ways we as a club might keep going forward and improving. It was discussed that membership had declined and that finances were getting tight.  Various topics were brought up about fund raising including having a fundraiser dinner and a concession stand at one of the Columbus Farmer’s Markets. 

It was voted on that the fair incentives to 4-Hers and FFA youth would only be paid to the members whose families belong to the association and that the club would spend up to $500.00 at the livestock auction at the fair to purchase an animal shown by a CCLIA member.  Rate of gain trophies and the ultra sounds for the beef at the fair would once again be sponsored by the Club.  Officers elected for 2019 were Serena Brown, President; Bob Shanks, Vice President; Nancy Herrenbruck, Secretary/Treasurer; and David Holmes as Public Relations Officer.  New Board Members elected for 2019 were KC Youngblood, Dale Helwig, and Jason Walker.  Board Members with one year remaining included Eddy Alford, Ron Holmes, and Gary Gideon.

It was voted on to have the Livestock Expo on June 15th this year. The officers and board members will be holding a meeting in the near future to discuss the 2019 Livestock Expo. During the Expo there will be a show for beef cattle, goats, and sheep. The Expo will take place at the Cherokee County Fair and Livestock barns in Columbus. 

If you were a member in the past and were not able to make the meeting or would like to become a member of the Livestock association you can still join by contacting Nancy Herrenbruck at 620-249-2322 and paying your dues.