COLUMBUS — City and school elections are Nov. 5, and candidates have filed for a wide variety of positions in Cherokee County. 

Baxter Springs Mayor Randall Trease is not running for reelection. Tim Shallenburger, a banker who has previously served in the state legislature, in former Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration, and as state treasurer, is the only candidate who has filed for the position of mayor. Incumbent city council members Rick Chriestenson, James Younger, and Sherry Brown are running unopposed. William B. Nott and Randall D. DeBeeld are both running for the Ward 3 council seat currently held by Sherri Howie, who is not running for reelection.

Joseph P. Tavernaro Jr. and Terry E. Davis are both running for mayor of Weir. Mayor Taylor Gravett is not running for reelection. Incumbent Scammon Mayor Jerry Grant faces a challenge from candidate Chad Ruddick.

The incumbent Mayor of Columbus Grant Spieth is running unopposed. Incumbent City Council members Jerri Burton, Owen Tom Pryor, and Steve Dunlap are running for reelection. Stephanie Farstvedt is running for the Ward 1 seat currently held by Randy Coble, who is not running for reelection. Jan Houser is running for Columbus City Council in Ward 2. Nate Long is running for the Ward 4 seat currently held by Sammye Opela. Incumbent Douglas Craig Mogle has filed for Columbus treasurer. Janet L. Lindsey is running for Columbus Hospital Board.

Sean Gilmore and Jeff Cassidy are both running for the Columbus Unified School District (USD) 493 Board of Education seat currently held by John Crain, who has not refiled. Holly Murdock has filed for the seat she formerly held, but took a leave of absence from. Todd Houser is running for the seat currently held by Gwen Morgan, who is not refiling. Brad Burns has not refiled, and no one has filed for his position, which could be filled by a qualifying write-in candidate, according to Superintendent of Schools Brian Smith.

Candidates who have filed for positions on the Baxter Springs USD 508 Board of Education include incumbents DeAnne Binns, Brandon Williams, and Joshua Sweaney. Candidates who are running for positions on the board who are not incumbents include Kurtis Woods and Jami Thiessen.

Candidates for the Riverton USD 404 Board of Education include incumbents Kristin Greer, Tim Wilson and Greg Walker. Candidates who are not incumbents who are running for the USD 404 Board of Education include Chade Parker and Michael Hatfield.